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New interior design trends are a projection of our internal needs and desires onto our homes. They are influenced by many things, to be sure. But to truly resonate they must connect with something at our core.  

What Is at Our Core for 2024? 

Terms of Influence 

The term “dopamine décor” is on the trend list. This simply means creating a home that makes you happy. A place that never fails to inspire a feeling of well-being. It is a deeply personal space that reflects the people, places and values that mean most to you. As Marie Kondo says, it should spark joy. 

Also trending: biophilic design. This new interior design trend really isn’t new, just gaining momentum. It is the blending and blurring of inside and outside – bringing nature into the home. For example, living walls are an outgrowth – pun intended! – of this form of design. It encompasses the use of natural objects and materials, as well as organic shapes in furnishings and accessories.   

Tied to this is a desire for sustainable, eco-friendly products, furnishings and lifestyle habits. Repair, restore and reuse are the vocabulary for this movement. Wabi-sabi is the interior design term that is defined by an appreciation for patina and the imperfect; a bit of a rebel flaunting conventional design principles like perfect symmetry.  

It’s All About Comfort 

Minimalism is out. Artful maximalism is in. Comfortable furnishings surrounded by the things that are the pieces and puzzles of our lives. Catering to the senses is a featured component. Pleasing-to-the-touch textures: silky wood finishes or soft and soothing textiles are examples. Scent is more than covering up unpleasant odors. There is a plethora of products that are sustainable and eco-friendly to subtly create the desired ambience.  

Artisanal, handcrafted furniture and objects replace the mass produced in the new interior design trends. These unique pieces reflect a renewed connection to people that we missed for a few years. 

Translation Please  

 How does dopamine design, biophilic design, and wabi-sabi translate to the execution of new interior design trends? 

  • After years of open-concept floorplans, there is a movement to cozier, defined spaces to retreat to.  
  • Statement kitchen backsplashes remain a focus, but subway tile will give way to more organic natural materials. 
  • All white kitchens will get a dose of color and texture.  
  • Opportunities to “bring the outside in” will be maximized. Some version of a living wall and emphasizing views of the outdoors are straightforward ways to accomplish this interior design trend. Natural material choices abound for every aspect of design: wood, wicker, rattan, ceramic, stone . . . the list goes on.  
  • Color, in general, will be spotlighted. As trends go, warm neutrals are replacing cooler tones of whites and grays. There is a new color of the year each and every year. Actually, there are colors of the year. While the Pantone color of the year is most well-known, each paint manufacturer chooses its own. According to experts, the selections are all over the map for 2024. Use of color is a fundamental instrument in dopamine décor, so finding a shade that works for you should be child’s play – no rules! And adding color is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update a room or your home. 
  • Eco-friendliness, sustainability and wabi-sabi go hand-in-hand. Rethinking how and/or where furniture pieces and accessories are used gives them new life. For example, dressers are useful in many places outside the bedroom and lend themselves to creative repurposing. Slipcovers revitalize a well-made piece of upholstered furniture and are often less expensive than reupholstering, although that is also sustainable. “Life happens” to our furnishings. Depending on the degree, simply appreciating the stories the nicks and scars tell of your life can contribute to the warmth of your home. Consider sustainable options when shopping for new pieces and finishes.  

New Interior Design Trends Are Comfortable

The new interior design trends of 2024 are more like slipping into a comfortable pair of jeans than formal wear. Each has a place in the design of your home; it’s about balance. These are just a few of the highlights gathered from the experts. We’ve included links to articles on the chance you’d like to delve more deeply!  

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