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How a Whole House Remodel Can Enhance Your Home’s Functionality and Value

When you’re ready for a major change but don’t want to move, a whole house remodeling and renovations in Madison, WI, is a great option. The concept sounds much bigger than a simple renovation – It is. Imagine your house without its existing walls, windows, doors, and fixtures. Now, imagine putting them wherever you want, redesigning everything wall-to-wall. Too extreme? Maybe not. It might be just what you need to create the living space that fits your evolving lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Complete Renovation

The whole house remodel isn’t for everyone, but under the right circumstances, it’s the ultimate solution to get a whole house remodeling and renovation company in Madison, WI. Consider…

  • Your family dynamic has changed – kids in college or grown up and on their own (or additions to a growing family). You love your neighborhood, friends, location, taxes, and amenities. But the house just doesn’t fit anymore.
  • You’re moving into an area you like and are familiar with, and you love the older, historic homes. You want to take advantage of the great neighborhood and bring one of the classic homes into the 21st century to accommodate your modern lifestyle.

It makes sense to renovate the home you adore, making it fit your needs rather than starting over in a new location. Imagination, foresight, and knowledge of building techniques can give new life to an existing house.

Facing these situations or any number of other personal considerations, it’s time to work with the professionals at DC Interiors and Renovations. Our design team is unique and has completed various whole house remodeling and renovations in Madison, WI, with experience in all phases of a whole house remodel, from initial design through construction and applying the right accents. You can find designers and remodeling contractors, but few bring the experience and skill in both disciplines you’ll find with DC Interiors. Give us a call today and schedule your FREE initial planning meeting.

Your Home, Your Style: How Custom Renovations Can Change Your Living Environment

Whether one or two rooms or a whole floor, a Whole house. Getting a whole house remodeling and renovations in Madison, WI, can seamlessly customize your life. It incorporates your personality and style throughout. From a detailed plan to restructure your kitchen and great room to updating floors and paint colors, our team ensures your vision becomes a reality.

Our experienced project managers work with you every step of the way. From crystallizing your hopes and inspirations to accenting the entire home with delicate finishing touches, our team oversees all logistics. Our task is to not only help you navigate through a successful whole house remodel but to enjoy the process.

Initially, step outside and look at your home from a different perspective. Before embarking on a major renovation, consider:

  • Is the current value of the house worth the expense of the remodel – will there be a significant return on your investment?
  • Are the changes you envision appropriate to the neighborhood?
  • Are your original plans a long-term solution or a temporary improvement?

Our experienced professionals can help you access the potential for your home and scale the whole house remodeling and renovation company in Madison, WI, accordingly – so you get the most from your investment.

From Chaos to Calm: Simplifying Your Whole House Remodeling Process

We bring decades of experience and passion to each project. There’s no “one size fits most,” we create unique ways to translate your dreams into reality. Applying our passion and experience to every step in the process, we work only with contractors we trust and can depend upon. At DC Interiors, we have all licensed, bonded, and respected whole house remodeling and renovation contractors in the Madison, WI, area. We stand behind everything they do.

When the plans have been turned into new rooms, our job doesn’t end. Experienced in all facets of interior design, the professionals at DC Interiors are ready to take the next step and assist in furnishing and accessorizing your dream home.

As you begin putting your thoughts, ideas, and dreams on paper, explore our photo galleries to see what we’ve done for others – and can do for you! Visit our showroom on Cahill Main in Madison to help bring your visions to life. We’re passionate about renovations, creating unique, elegant spaces one room at a time, or a whole house remodel. Join us for inspiration.

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