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Thinking About Remodeling…

Thank you for your interest in our guide titled ‘Thinking About Remodeling?’, developed by the staff of DC Interiors and Renovations.

In it you will find the exciting steps of designing and renovating your home and all the new changes you and your family can experience.

34 Pages of Ideas & Guidance

Highlighted in this guide are the most important parts of the remodeling process. The DC Team has the proven project planning and disciplined forethought to create magical outcomes.

Some of the most important steps in the process include:

  • Defining & prioritizing your needs and wants
  • Planning with Interior Design professionals
  • Coordinating with licensed General Contractor
  • Understanding remodeling pitfalls
  • Identifying new floorplan options
  • Creating floorplans for meeting lifestyle goals
  • Adding value with insightful design
  • Projecting future needs in design
  • Using Award Winning 3D Design to illustrate options
  • Knowing what your project will look like before starting
  • Building to match your 3D Design
  • Eliminating costly false starts
  • Minimizing expensive change orders
  • Taking the guess work out of the process
  • Protecting your budget with exact planning

DC Interiors Understands

Effective Interior Design makes the entire process cleaner, exact and incredibly efficient. A precise final plan delivers the best possible outcome and the best value for each dollar invested.

Our promise is to honor…

  • Your time
  • Your needs
  • You wishes

The DC Team is looking forward to providing the best possible result for your upcoming project.

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