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A Creative Kitchen Remodel Stirs Your Senses

A timely kitchen remodel blends vision, function and style. Imagine hosting a holiday party in a beautiful, elegant kitchen. Our creative team understands what it takes to bring your imagination into focus. Whether updating with small changes or dramatically giving wings to your inspiration, we have everything you need.

Our skilled, experienced interior designers work one-on-one with you to create a unique, customized plan for the kitchen of your dreams. Our process begins with a tour of your home to get a feel for your ideas and the style that fits your life. You share your wish list. We’ll add our skills and experience to make your dream come true. 

The kitchen is the hub of daily activity. It provides work space and common ground for every lifestyle. Kitchens have evolved as the pace of family living increased. Older homes with formal dining rooms and separate kitchen areas gave way to open areas with easy-access traffic patterns. Open floorplans help keep fast-paced families connected. After all, the most-used room in your home should make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Make A Wish To Begin Your Kitchen Renovation

Every successful project begins with a detailed, precision plan. Your formal plan is founded upon all the things you wish your kitchen provided. Creating a wish list is your first objective. Start by defining:

  • Your goals – what fuels your desire for a new kitchen? More working space, better lighting, updated cabinetry?
  • Your expectations – list all the “must have” elements. Be specific and go beyond listing “new cabinets” or “more counter space.”
  • Your desires – List all the features you’ve seen in magazines, on TV or at local home shows.

During the first walk-around at your house we’ll begin identifying unique components matching your goals. Together we will set the stage to bring your vision to life.

Your needs and wants stimulate the process – and we are committed to deliver more than you ever imagined!

Kitchen Remodel Checklist – Recipe For Success

Combining all the ingredients of a great kitchen is like following a recipe. Even a simple renovation has many facets to consider. We will join with you to evaluate all of them, including:

  • Appliances – stainless steel is still the king, but there are other stunning options
  • Backsplash –ceiling-high backsplashes of custom tile or exotic materials can be captivating
  • Cabinetry – wood is classic but glass fronts and open shelves are trending in open designs
  • Countertops – there are many natural and new options to blend form with function
  • Flooring – the latest in tile, wood or waterproof composites expand options
  • Lighting – workplace lighting, room lights and modern windows provide elegance and function
  • Plumbing – a myriad of sinks and fixtures inspire signature designs
  • Wall and window treatments – paint, wall coverings and new windows spur creativity
  • Kitchen furnishings and Décor – express your style…and create your home’s unique style

Ultimately, your wants and needs are based upon how you use the space. Look ahead to how you will use your new kitchen in the future. Review your:

  • Cooking requirements
  • Dining requirements
  • Entertaining expectations
  • Family and lifestyle changes

We Go Through The Process Together

With us, you are never alone at any phase of the kitchen remodel process. Our business is built upon strong personal relationships. Strong relationships and true understanding form through honest, timely communication. We are dedicated to details. Our designers are experienced in every phase of a kitchen remodel from conception through construction and accessorizing.

Whether you want to simply modernize your kitchen or expand with the latest of everything, count on our team to deliver a kitchen renovation beyond your expectations. We invite you to visit our interior design studio on Cahill Main near the Great Dane and explore our extensive photo galleries. Put your kitchen renovation ideas into perspective and learn how we can bring your kitchen remodel dreams to life in your Madison home.




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