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The abundance of mudroom ideas and designs from home remodeling sites like Houzz or just a quick Google search are evidence that mudrooms are making a comeback and being redefined.

Traditionally, mudrooms were simply a small space off the back of the kitchen in farmhouses, a place to leave dirty boots and outer clothing so as to not bring the farm into the house. By the 1980’s, as home footprints grew, mudroom ideas and designs also grew. Often now, the mudroom is a transition between the garage and the kitchen.


Creating space for this transition may not be obvious. Modern homes may have a hallway between the garage and the kitchen. Or perhaps there is a laundry space there. Creative use of the vertical space can provide more organization and storage than initially apparent.

If space doesn’t exist on the inside of the house, a mudroom can be created in the garage just outside the door leading to the house. Organizational ideas abound. As we’ve accumulated more, closet and storage companies have kept up with a plethora of items in all styles to help us contain it.


If you already have a dedicated space, mudroom ideas and designs are limited only by imagination and budget. Is yours used to its greatest advantage? Has your mudroom become a dumping ground? Begin by taking inventory of everything that currently lives in there, sort it by category and decide if this is the most appropriate place for it. Relocate anything that doesn’t belong.

This space may also be a laundry room, and for some may house utilities like a furnace or water heater. There are many ways to safely and attractively hide or disguise these appliances, and to maximize the functionality of the space. Are there needs that aren’t currently being addressed? Could the mudroom address them? This may be a good space for a small closet for vacuums, mops, buckets and cleaning supplies. Could this room also function as a pantry?

Mudroom ideas and designs should consider your lifestyle. Who are the family members, and what of their activities do you need to accommodate? Are the children younger or teenagers?  Do you have pets? What about sporting equipment? Determining if you are casual or formal, active or more laid back, are just examples of considerations in the design of a pleasant, attractive and truly useful space.


Wall treatments, flooring, countertops and cabinetry need to stand up to all the use and abuse of these multifunctional spaces. Home remodeling and design firms are great partners in this endeavor as they have a vast collection of catalogs and resources. Coupled with an experienced eye for creative use of space and a thorough understanding of function and form, this partnership could lead you to a mudroom that beautifully delivers hardworking harmony where clutter and chaos once existed.


You may think you don’t have space to dedicate to a mudroom, but a mudroom is simply a space to create harmony out of clutter chaos You might be surprised at what can happen in the small space just inside your front door. Mudroom ideas and designs for this situation could include cubbies, shelves with baskets, and hooks. The amount of space you have will dictate how much you can do, but just a few hooks for the outerwear used most often, a few baskets to corral shoes and a place for keys can make a huge difference. Add a pretty rug to trap dirt before it gets to your living space and some artwork and a mirror for that last check before you head out the door. Voila! You have a welcoming and useful entry to your home.

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