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DC Interiors and Renovations is a woman-owned business, guided by award-winning designer Deb Corning. This design and renovation company has a portfolio of more than 20 years of client-centered experience. The team embodies the values of integrity, passion, trust and relationships. This includes relationships with trusted contractors and a wide range of sources for every element of the project. Read on to see why this is so important to your project.  

How Design and Renovation Is Different 

The Traditional Process 

In the traditional renovation world, the client hires a designer to work through the vision. The designer furnishes the client with sketches which are then presented to contractors to bid. This process is fraught with potential complications. It is up to the homeowner to find contractors with the appropriate experience for the project, often having to rely solely on reviews on the internet. Referrals can be unreliable: you never really know if they’re legitimate. The scope of the project may require more than one type of contractor – for example, carpenters, electricians and plumbers. Unless the first professional hired is a general contractor, this complicates the process exponentially. Now, not only does the homeowner have to interview all these tradespeople, but they also must coordinate all the work. Often, a general contractor won’t be interested in the project unless it is large enough to be considered worth their time. 

While the designer delivers the client’s vision, with little information beyond the size of the room and the budget, the contractors have the job of retrofitting that design into the practical realities of the space. This isn’t always possible within the budget, so back to the designer to accommodate the restrictions defined by the structure. And so on and so on. This adds delays and costs. 

The Design and Renovation Process 

Engaging the services of a design and renovation company means there is a single project manager, which streamlines communications with all involved parties.  A reputable design and renovation company has forged lasting relationships with contractors, sub-contractors, vendors and other resource outlets. They have been vetted for quality, trustworthiness, reliability and value, and have history with the design firm. DC Interiors and Renovation works closely with the trades, ensuring the project is completed as designed, on time and on budget. 

 Advantages of Design and Renovation  

The design and renovation process begins at the very beginning and ends with the realization of the client’s vision. The lines of communication are open and transparent’ the client is involved every step of the way. Client relationships is an area that DC Interiors and Renovations prides themselves on. No renovation project can be truly successful without trust, and trust is built on clear and honest communication.  

There are questions to ask before undertaking any renovation. The team at DC Interiors and Renovations will walk you through them. First, it is fundamental for the client and the designer to have a clear vision of the project; not just how the space will look, but how it will function. To achieve this requires a line of inquiry that gets to the heart of the “why” of a project. Deb and her team are sensitive to the nuances of the conversation and establish a warm and open rapport with their clients.  

Next there is a frank conversation about the budget. There is no room for wishful thinking in this discussion. This can be a sensitive topic for many people. This team creates a comfortable environment for that discussion. No judgement here. 

The DC Interiors Design and Renovation Process 

Now the fun begins. The creative talent at DC Interiors and Designs is broad and deep. Their goal is to bring to a life a space that reflects the lifestyle and interests of the people living in the home. It isn’t their style – it’s your style. The talent they offer breathes life into your vision, turning the dream into reality. The team can offer suggestions and solutions based on the experience of the hundreds of projects they’ve completed.  

So Why Should You Choose DC Interiors and Renovation? 

The award-winning designer at the helm has decades of experience; years of providing personal, thoughtful, creative designs and renovations to clients all over the country. The team is passionate about their work, their commitment to their clients is second to none, as evidenced by the testimonials of happy clients. It is truly a winning formula!  



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