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Not all renovations are the same! And not all contractors operate the same way.

The first step in any design and renovation process is to choose the right contractor or a construction company. However, the one you choose depends on the magnitude of the work. For example, if you are to replace something in your kitchen or bathroom, a contractor will do since there is no need for design or planning services.

However, if you are in the midst of any major renovation, you’d require the services of a design and renovation company.

Home Design and Renovation

What Exactly is Design and Remodeling?

The design and remodeling process is a streamlined approach to remodeling wherein the firm provides both design and remodeling services. Traditionally, you start the work with a designer who drafts the plans for the project. Then, you’ll have construction companies bid for the project. Finally, the construction companies place their bids depending on the plan and the design.

In an ideal world, everything falls into place, and the bid is within your budget. However, it rarely happens; the estimate is higher than your budget in most cases. At this point, you’d have to change plans or find ways to increase the budget.

The process continues until you find a plan that fits your budget. But with a design and remodel process, one firm takes care of the entire project from planning, designing, and construction.

To ensure that your needs are met, designers and the construction team work together to remodel your home. They handle every aspect of the remodel, liaising with the suppliers and ensuring that everything goes according to the plan.Design and Renovation

The design-remodel company’s job is not complete until you sign off on the property.

Why Design and Renovation for Your Remodeling Needs?

The cost of remodeling a home is quite different from new construction. No amount of guesswork can cover the scope of the work. However detailed the plan, you are bound to miss some tiny detail and quickly derail the project.

A design and renovation company combines designing, planning, and construction into a unified process.

In short, design, renovation & project management are all full-time jobs. Do you have the time, connections, experience, and knowledge to do your project yourself?

The Renovation Process is More Efficient

The entire project team involved in your project works for the same company. Once your renovation starts, your project is on everyone’s radar. Everyone can share ideas, plans and generally be involved in the project from the very beginning. Hence, the process is much more efficient and moves along deftly.

Bathroom Design and Renovation

Design-Renovation Company Helps You Stay Within the Budget

When separate firms handle different aspects of the renovation, the chances are high for miscommunication. Even a simple forgotten detail can affect the cost. Unfortunately, most professionals do not take accountability for the additional cost caused by their fault.

A design and renovation company, however, works for a fixed budget. Since it’s the same company that handles the design and the renovation, they pay more attention to detail from the early stages.

Any potential challenges and cost overrun are also taken into consideration. Moreover, they take responsibility for any design oversight and work within their company. However, any case of rot or unforeseen issues is paid for by the homeowner.

Home Design and Renovation

The One-Stop Approach to Renovation

A project team generally consists of the homeowner, architect, designer, contractors, and a project manager. However, you will not be individually working with each one of them. Instead, you will be working with a company throughout the process, from the design to construction.

The entire team will be working together to make plans and turn the plans into reality. As a result, you do not have to find contractors saving you time and stress.

With a design and renovation company, any changes to the design will be carried down to every last person in the project. So you do not have to contact architects or contractors, work around their time for any changes. Besides, there are no chances of miscommunication with everyone being on the same page.

The Streamline Process Saves Time

One of the biggest advantages of a design-renovation company is the simplified process. They handle every aspect of the remodels, from plan and design to construction. So not only do you save time waiting for contractors but also throughout the entire process.

The firm manages its contractors without waiting for every contractor to free up their schedule. The result is less stress and no downtime meaning the renovation will be done quicker.

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