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Wooden Kitchen Accents | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

Achieve elegance with classic lines combining tile, wood and rich colors.

The warmth and richness of wooden kitchen accents seamlessly blend trendy farmhouse styling with elegant, urban efficiency. The use of wood is both dramatic and simple. Combine crisp colors with wood tones to make a personal statement in your new Madison WI kitchen.

Combined with today’s popular colors wood – real or man-made reproductions – adds both style and function to your kitchen. Wooden accents work from floor to ceiling.

The texture and pattern of wood grains combined with the wide range of color options make it an easy material to work with. It’s versatility makes it ideal for customized designs. From wood-look tile planks on the floor to beamed ceiling, there’s a way to use wood in almost any kitchen design.

Begin With Basic Wooden Kitchen Accents

Where do you start in your plan to bring the warmth of wood into your remodeling plans? Consider the basic building blocks of a kitchen:

  • Kitchen Cabinets – Once considered “old school,” wooden kitchen cabinetry is a modern blend of traditional design with contemporary flare. With dozens of woods to choose from, there’s a style to fit almost any kitchen design goal. Dark-stained wood brings out the color and grain of marble and granite countertops. Lighter stains contribute to a warm, sunny feeling. And, they work extremely well with black or dark gray counters and black or stainless steel appliances.
  • Hardwood floors – there are so many types of wood available today, finding one that’s durable enough to use in the kitchen is easier than ever.
  • Modern tile – wood-look tiles are ideal for kitchen floors. They stand up to traffic and repel water. For a really rustic look, try wood-look tiles as a kitchen backsplash.
  • Doors and windows – decorative wooden doors on pantries, for example, add an interesting design element. Frosted glass windows are a true touch of country chic. Wooden door and window frames are elegant ways to add wood’s charm while framing the space.
  • Exposed surfaces – to complete a cottage or farmhouse kitchen style, exposed ceiling beams add a touch of realism. To highlight storage space around a neutral backdrop, exposed shelves of stained or natural wood work well.
  • Specialty treatments – appliances can contribute to the wood-look in your new kitchen. Wooden inserts on refrigerator and dishwasher doors help them to blend with cabinetry. Add to the “wow” factor with a wood-clad range hood surrounded by floor to ceiling subway tile.

Design Kitchens With Color, Texture

The popular trend in colors for the kitchen has been staying neutral. White has been the go-to color. Recently, white has given way to shades of gray. Hardly a bold new approach. But, both are idea complements for the introduction of wood tones.

Wooden Kitchen Accents | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

Applying wooden accents to a new kitchen isn’t only allowed in old-school farmhouse designs.

On the other extreme, contemporary kitchen designers are looking to bold colors like Navy blue, terra-cotta and hunter green. No matter your color preference, the goal is to create a comfortable, efficient working space, right?

Colors and accents allow your personality to shine and make the space yours. Do you want an ultra-modern contemporary kitchen? There are wooden accents to make it sing. If you want an old-fashioned country kitchen, there’s wood that’s perfect. And, wooden accents help blur the lines between styles. The right style for you is whatever you like.

With a background of subtle, neutral colors wood and wood-look materials bring texture to the room. Anywhere you want an eye-catching feature, consider wood. Including:

  • Wooden kitchen countertops
  • Architectural accents like ceiling beams
  • Wainscoting
  • Crown molding
  • Window and door treatments
  • Exposed shelving
  • Furniture

Kitchen Lighting Adds Luster

Colors are often discussed in terms of temperature: cool blues or warm reds. Interior design professionals talk about the “warmth of wood.” Wood with more of a reddish tint is considered “warmer” than lighter species with white or yellow highlights.

No matter the wood you choose, how you light it makes a big difference in its appeal. Natural lighting is ideal, so consider expanding windows in your kitchen remodel if you can. With an abundance of natural light, darker woods and darker colors dominate the space. Bright backsplash tiles project gleaming images. In smaller kitchens or those with few window options, lighting fixtures do the trick. Suspended pendant fixtures light surfaces without taking up much visual space. Many add color and an artistic flare to the room. The more light the bigger and roomier the new kitchen feels.

If you’re one who hates working in shadows and cannot have too much light in a busy kitchen, under-cabinet lights are ideal. They’re efficient and elegant. They serve a purpose and look good doing it. A combination you want in your new kitchen, right?

Choosing Wooden Kitchen Accents

There’s a lot to think about putting together a kitchen renovation plan. What do you need? What do you want? Are there things that must go or things that must stay? Do you want to recreate a classic country farmhouse kitchen? Or do you want to expand you horizon with a bold contemporary look?

Bringing real or wood-look creations into the new kitchen makes a strong statement any way you go. The natural appeal of wood blends old and new. It’s rustic and elegant at the same time. It all depends on how it’s applied to your plans and how it fits your lifestyle.

DC Interiors understands all the decisions you face. We’ve walked clients through all the possibilities. Are you ready for a change? Give us a call or email us. DC Interiors is ready to create a plan for your future kitchen. Review our portfolio on line as you search for inspiration. We’re proud of our work. When the time is right we’ll show you how wooden kitchen accents make new kitchens special in Madison WI.

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