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Hiring an experienced interior design professional to spearhead a Madison WI interior renovation is a decision many struggle with. Do you need an interior designer when the first steps are basic and often left to contractors? Can’t you bring in a designer just for the decorating part? Experienced homeowners and design firms understand that having a designer’s touch from the beginning will make or break a project.

A veteran design team effectively provides creative talent, construction advisors, artists and advocates on the jobsite. From the moment the design begins to completion of your home’s renovation, there’s continuity. Keeping the process moving efficiently not only ensures a quality result, it saves money. In addition, a single point of contact throughout the project ensures the result is functional and reflects all the wants and needs of the homeowners as well as their personality and style.

Consider Interior Design Advantages

What does an interior design/general contractor team do? There are several advantages to keep in mind:

  • Experience and guidance – for most homeowners an interior renovation is a one-time thing. Enlisting the guidance of a professional designer/general contractor allows them to reap the benefits of many similar projects completed on time and within strict budgets. Designers know how to plan for success, manage the process and take advantage of all the best options. Deb Corning founded DC Interiors and Renovations nearly 20 years ago. She’s an award-winning designer and a licensed general contractor.
  • Project continuity – an experienced designer who understands the construction process is a valuable asset. Like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle each element has a place – electricians, plumbers, flooring professionals. They are specialists concentrating on their part. Interior design professionals see the big picture – like taking advantage of the image on the cover of a jigsaw puzzle box.
  • Making the most of your budget – a remodeling contractor usually assigns a budget allowance to each element: flooring, lighting, etc. They send clients to preferred vendors. DC Interiors takes the stress from most decision-making. The design team learns what fits its customer’s needs. So, instead of visiting a showroom of 300+ tile samples homeowners choose from pre-selected options sure to meet their needs. Instead of sending a client off on their own, DC Interiors brings options to the client either in its showroom or their home. This personal touch has proven to be a relief for many homeowners.

Interior Renovation Without Surprises

Among the most expensive factors in interior renovation are the result of mid-project changes. With an interior designer on site regularly the overall scope is always in focus. The “that isn’t what I wanted” reaction is all but eliminated. Should something go astray, a knowledgeable person is there to see that corrections are made without delays.

Personal relationships with subcontractors and vendors create smooth, open lines of communication and lead to top-quality craftsmanship.

Traditional remodeling contractors have relationships with a few vendors. Homeowners may be asked to make critical choices based on what’s in stock not what’s available. It is always preferable to work with local suppliers when timely deliveries and future support is a consideration. But having the ability to source whatever you want from wherever you want is a huge plus. Interior design professionals maintain a network of resources and regularly reach out to tap unique sources.

While DC Interiors has preferred vendors, it also searches every source for elements of each project that are “just right.” Seeking to find items to fit exactly what the client wants at a fair price. That might mean from a store down the road of a vendor six states away. The goal is not to provide “what we have” but to “share everything we can get.”

Interior Design Provides Finishing Touches

Remodeling contractors strive to create new spaces. Adding the element of professional interior design finishes the space and makes it part of your home. Designers are detail oriented. They know that small things matter. Things like window treatments, tile patterns and additional accessories and décor beyond a contractor’s work. A finished project is a clean, tidy environment that fits your lifestyle immediately.

Designers study their homeowner clients and research products that provide both function and aesthetic value.

Many people “know what they like.” And know what they want in their new space. However, most do not understand the subtle ways accent pieces work within the overall interior renovation. With the benefit of an artist’s eye, designers are able to knit together form and function to bring concepts and drawings to life.

Successful Interior Renovation Takes A Team Homeowners know what they want. Homeowners know what they need. These elements are not always compatible. To bring order to remodeling decisions takes a team of skilled professionals with an eye on creating space that meets your needs. Whether for a single room or an entire floor a plan does not materialize without teamwork. Taking advantage of the skill and experience of an interior design firm insures you’ll be aware of every detail. Call, email or visit our Madison showroom to see how your dreams are within reach. Or team of experienced interior design professionals will steer you though every phase of your interior renovation in Madison WI.

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