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Urban Farmhouse | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

The kitchen is the most popular room in the house to apply a modern farmhouse approach to design and décor.

When you like the amenities of the popular rural-oriented design trend but it doesn’t fit your contemporary home, consider creating an urban farmhouse. This evolving style is defined by interior designers as “and edgy-but-natural” look. It offers a chance to blend natural woods, white-wash stains, wrought iron and earth-inspired colors in your Madison WI home.

In a rapidly-changing world the charm of a simple life is attractive. Creating a home that’s efficient and uncomplicated lends itself to modern family life. Combine the latest technology with designs harkening back to a bygone era encompasses the best of all worlds. Your goal isn’t to reproduce a trend, it‘s to make you and your family feel good. The right design envelopes your lifestyle and personality.

An Urban Farmhouse Is More Than A Floorplan

Whether you’re looking to change the ambiance of your kitchen, master bathroom or the whole house, you have to think beyond surface changes. Don’t just think “out of the box,” create your own, personal “box.” Designers suggest working with creative professionals to look beyond the everyday. Look beyond elements like:

  • Popular trends – design is a means to an end: a comfortable home. Trends are avenues to that end, not ends unto themselves. If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, a trend is just a passing fashion. Modern farmhouse aesthetics include plenty of natural light and natural materials. The perfect design grabs the best of your favorites to fit your personal space.
  • The concept of style – don’t be swayed by preconceived definitions of style. Create elegance using your own definition and build the home of your dreams. Experiment with woods, colors, surface materials – floors and countertops – as well as window sizes and shapes.
  • Everything must be white – white walls, white cabinets and white wood work trim has been the basis for farmhouse designs. That’s not true anymore. In an urban setting experiment with color combinations. Crisp neutral colors work well with natural woods. So do modern pastels. Black accents are a trend to consider. The goal is creating a timeless sophistication in whichever room you design.

Trends create expectations and set boundaries. To achieve a personally attractive space, move beyond conventional boundaries.

Design Space For Your Lifestyle

Urban Farmhouse | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

Soft fabrics, natural wood, plenty of built-ins and natural light – hallmarks of a modern farmhouse concept.

Designing for your personality often requires blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary themes. In an urban, modern farmhouse the goal is blending rooms seamlessly. Deftly defined space using warmth and subtle accents not only transforms your rooms, it transforms your daily life.

From popular TV the idea of creating a farmhouse in the suburbs leads to thoughts of reclaimed barn wood. While that remains popular, your urban home doesn’t have to be rustic. Introduce refined materials like marble tile and wood-look tile planks along with modern recreations of plumbing and lighting fixtures. Artfully add modern detail in the right proportion for your modern, open floorplan.

If you research the demands of traditional farm life it’s no surprise practicality is the No. 1 trait. More than any other design style, function and efficiency are the watchwords in a farmhouse. To successfully create a comfortable farmhouse-like space in your Madison area home takes planning and attention to detail. It starts with a detailed outline of your personal preferences. That’s followed up with the council of skilled professional interior designers. Among your initial considerations are:

  • What you love about your existing home?
  • What you absolutely hate about your existing design?
  • The flow from room to room you’re looking for.
  • Choices of window size, design and style.
  • Think amenities – lighting, fixtures, colors and furnishings.

Once you’ve put together your wish list and check sheet, start collecting all the design brochures, magazines and literature you can. Learn about materials, installations and product choices. Concentrate on traffic patterns from room to room and potential storage options. Remember even in the city a farmhouse style centers on efficiency. Furnishings and accents finish the room.

An Urban Farmhouse Fits The City

A rather novel approach to furnishings is the use of industrial-inspired pieces. Their use of metal reflects the rural reliance on machinery. Hanging barn doors are one of the most visible accents coming from recent literature and TV. They have their place but in reality don’t fit many newer homes. The functional designs of bygone eras inspire the creations of today. Professional designers a quick to point out that you’re not trying to rebuild your house as a 100-year-old farm place, you’re striving to make the most of a design that fits today’s family life.

DC Interiors understands all the details that go into creating an elegant space with a rural flair. When you’re ready to bring a country feel into your city life, give us a call, email or visit our nearby Madison showroom. DC Interiors is ready to renovate one room or your entire home. Our showroom has a wide selection of perfect accents for your finishing touches, too. We’re proud of our portfolio and enjoy sharing it. We know exactly what it takes to create an urban farmhouse in Madison WI.

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