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Are you switching to vacation mode, but concerned about the security of your home while you’re away? According to ADT, the summer season experiences the highest number of home intrusions. To put it in perspective, a home break-in happens approximately every 25.7 seconds in the US. It’s perfectly normal to prepare for a vacation, but ensure that your home is fully equipped to remain safe and secure in your absence.

New Home Security Systems 

It’s no secret that burglars are drawn to vacant homes. Whenever you step out, there’s a chance of a lurking burglar ready to strike. While you can’t completely eradicate this issue, you can arm yourself and fortify your home to make it impenetrable. Today’s professional home locksmiths have plenty of security solutions for homes, including new touchpad door systems that recognize the homeowner’s fingerprint to unlock. Smart locks are another valid alternative that professional locksmiths can install to upgrade your home security. 

And if you want to take your home to the next level, you may request the installation of video surveillance cameras around your property. Today’s camera systems can connect with the homeowner’s cell phone and send real-time alerts about noise or movements around your property that are stranger and potentially dangerous.

Home Security Tips For Every HomeownerA home break-in

Securing your home goes beyond just locking doors and windows. A break-in can be a costly ordeal, requiring repairs and replacements of broken locks and windows. To minimize the risk of burglary and damage, we present effective home security solutions. Pay attention to these invaluable tips that will safeguard your home and bring you peace of mind.

Install a security alarm

We’ve already mentioned this innovative security solution. There are several security alarms in the market, some with direct connections to the local police office: if a break-in has occurred, the security system sends an immediate alert to the police office to take action and another to your cell phone to inform you about that. Other camera systems have facial recognition that enables the system to distinguish strangers from family members who might have come into your home to feed a pet or water your pots. 

Light timers and smart lighting

Burglars don’t immediately break into a home; instead, they carefully observe it for several nights. A dark home during this period becomes an enticing target for a break-in. To deter potential burglaries, consider purchasing timed lights and vary their activation times. By creating a realistic illusion of an occupied home, you decrease the appeal for intruders. With smart lighting, you can conveniently adjust the timer from anywhere in real-time, providing an added layer of security.

Be discreet about your vacation

If you use social media and have public privacy settings, it’s advisable to refrain from announcing your vacation and posting pictures that disclose your absence from home. Instead, adjust your privacy settings and share your vacation photos after you return. This way, you can ensure the security of your personal information and enjoy your trip with peace of mind.


In conclusion, safeguarding your home while traveling is crucial to ensure peace of mind and protect your property from potential break-ins. By implementing security measures such as installing home security systems, utilizing smart locks and video surveillance cameras, and considering additional precautions like light timers and being discreet about your vacation on social media, you can significantly enhance the safety of your home.

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