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Your dream kitchen is waiting to become reality – it takes planning and teamwork.

To see the big picture for a home renovation means paying attention to the smallest details. Remodeling contractors focus on building, installing and finishes. A skilled interior design professional looks beyond walls, floors and countertops, making sure all your personal touches are included. Options and opportunities abound in Madison WI to bring your dreams to life.

The project begins as a wish that develops into a dream and then a series of ideas. You wish you had a pantry, you wish your home was more open, you with the family spent more time together in a common, friendly space. From there you collect images from magazines, TV programs and books. In your mind your dream home takes shape. What’s the next step?

The first move toward bringing your dream to life is to put ideas on paper. All successful home renovation projects have one thing in common: a well thought out plan.

Build A Foundation For Interior Design

A comprehensive renovation plan begins with you. You lay the groundwork for a skilled professional designer to enrich and expand upon. As soon as you can focus ideas and a vision of what your new-look home is about, make notes. Lots of notes. Keep a file of all your good ideas – clipped from magazines, printed from sources like HOUZZ or related to places you’ve visited. By the time you’re ready to meet with your chosen design professional your folder should include:

  • Your likes and dislikes – write down everything you like about your existing space. These are the elements your designer will work into your remodel. And, write down all the things you dislike about the same space. These are the features to build around and change first.
  • Put your goals in writing – sometimes it isn’t easy to express exactly what you want. Writing your goals is a good way to bring them clearly to mind. Be very specific.
  • Make a wish list – list in great detail all the things your new space “must have.” Then go on to add the list of features “it would be nice to have.”
  • Establish a firm budget – once you have a detailed wish list and an understanding of the ultimate goal for your project put together a realistic budget. A home remodeling project isn’t inexpensive. Understand there will be changes and delays along the way. Your interior design team needs to know what they have to work with from Day 1.
  • Look to the future – your project must withstand the test of time. What will you ask of this space in five or 10 years? A remodel is a big step. That’s why it is a perfect time to evaluate details like anything that promotes energy efficiency – like new windows or adding insulation.

The Home Renovation Design Phase

Home Renovation | Madison WI | DC Interiors and Renovations

Open up your space with a contemporary design and enhance your daily experience.

As you do your homework, there’s no detail too small to be considered. You get excited about paint and tile selections and décor ideas. By enlisting the skills of experienced design professionals you insure the critical little things are not overlooked.

What does a professional design team bring to your project? Beyond years of experience and all the relationships to bring a project to a successful conclusion it bring order and organization.

Couple your ideas and wishes with a professional’s vision. A professional design team covers all the basics, leaving nothing to chance. Along the way they:

  • Create a detailed written plan – all the elements of your thoughts, ideas, goals and expectations are blended into a single document. The plan includes budget considerations – both time and money.
  • Provide a visual example – it is always hard to “see” what your ideas really look like. Using the latest 3D design software detailed drawings and renderings bring your vision to life.
  • Provide professional insight – drawing upon years of experience your design team takes your wish list and outlines what is and what isn’t possible in your space or within your budget. Taking advantage of a successful team eliminates many surprises and disappointments.
  • Monitor rules and regulations – every home renovation requires permits and inspections to keep it within current building codes and local, state and regional regulations.
  • Employ the latest in high-tech – tapping into the latest in design trends, materials and construction techniques designers are aware of what it takes to make dreams come true.
  • Communicate – reliable, regular communications from you to and from everyone involved in your home’s project is critical to peace of mind. When you have questions there’s a person to work with. Expect questions on both sides.

Interior Design Goes Beyond DIY

A complete, working plan does not fall together overnight. You want craftsmanship reflected in your new space. If you’re like most busy homeowners you don’t have the time or knowledge to take on a project yourself. One room of a whole house, it takes a coordinated and skilled team. Call, email or visit our Madison showroom to see how your vision for change is possible. Team with our perceptive interior design professionals and create a lifestyle-enhancing home renovation in your Madison WI home.

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