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Open up your older home, take advantage of natural light and modern materials – a dedicated interior designer sees space as what it can be.

From coast-to-coast homeowners with less than perfect new kitchens lament: “I wish I’d worked with a skilled interior designer.” Even for small projects taking advantage of the skill, training and experience of an interior design team makes a difference. Homeowners taking on a kitchen renovation almost always face situations they aren’t prepared for. If you’ve never done it before you just “don’t know what you don’t know.” An architectural design firm like DC Interiors – a firm that’s well-versed in every aspect of your project from planning to on-site construction oversight – gives you an edge. Your professional designer saves you time and money. Bringing your kitchen into the 21st century is a big step, you want to be sure it’s done efficiently from Day 1, right?

A Skilled Interior Designer Contributes

As soon as you’ve reach the “I hate my kitchen” stage it is time to put pencil to paper and create an action plan. Tap all your resources for ideas – magazines, design and remodeling TV and videos and the Internet. Make a list of all the things in and around your kitchen that “must go!” And another list detailing all the things that “must stay.” Be specific. Why must something go? Why it worth keeping? Every detail helps in the planning process so you get the results you’re dreaming of.

A kitchen remodel is a major decision so you don’t want too many false starts or miss-steps. You have a specific budget to consider and you want to get every dollar’s worth of value, right?

Skilled Interior Designer | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

When your taste runs to traditional, there’s an interior design to make dreams come true.

You might hear that hiring an interior designer is expensive. For most significant projects, it’s an investment worth every penny. What does an architectural design team add to your plan? Consider:

  • Time is money – in the construction business, time is money. Designers well-versed in every aspect of a remodel make sure progress is sure and consistent. They know where to get the ideal pieces you need and find the right people to get the job done. Figuring out all the details takes skill, patience and experience. Teaming with someone who’s done it many times before is a wise investment.
  • Knowledge is power – a well-informed designer is up-to-date and schooled in all the latest technology, building materials, and techniques. Building codes dictate several steps in the process and a professional knows where and when to get permits and scheduled inspections. More than one do-it-yourself project has come to a screeching halt when an inspector said: “you cannot do that.” Trusting a designer not only keeps your project on track, it provides peace of mind.

Understanding The Kitchen Renovation Process

There are so many steps in a remodeling project the lists cover many pages. The planning process alone might take as long as the final building segment. Applying the expertise of a designer combined with hands-on experience on the construction end keeps contractors, tradespeople and homeowners on plan. A design organization with hands-on building experience insures fewer glitches – every project has a hiccup or two but the DC Interiors team has seen ‘em all.

There is a lot more to it than providing color options and 3D renditions of what the final kitchen will look like. Although these are critical elements. Your skilled interior designer is your on-site translator. Consider what they add to the project beyond hardware:

  • Design sense – combine the desired form with required function for an elegant, efficient solution to your need for a new kitchen.
  • Attention to detail – designers think in multiple dimensions, defining spaces with light, color and texture.
  • Access to craftsmen – designers have a cadre of well-known tradespeople they rely upon project after project. These are skilled professionals with specialties homeowners seldom match.
  • You have an advocate – the designers are on the job site regularly, making sure everything is moving according to plan. They translate your dreams into working plans contractors understand. As your representative they make sure nothing is lost in translation when the carpenters, electricians and plumbers do their individual work.

Maximize Your Kitchen Remodel Time

So, you’ve a long list of wants, likes and dislikes. What’s next? How long will it take to create the kitchen of your dreams? If you’ve never been through it before, rest assured it takes longer than you think!

According to a 2020 Houzz & Home survey of more than 87,000 U.S. homeowners kitchen projects take longer than any other renovation short of a major home addition. They are also the most popular room to make over. On average, the survey reports, a kitchen remodel takes a little more than 8 months – 32 weeks! That’s from planning stage to final walk-through. That’s an average – some take less, but some take more. The construction phase alone averages more than 4 months.

An experienced and skilled interior designer keeps a project on track. Among the behind the scenes techniques are:

  • Creating step-by-step plans – there’s a demolition plan, an electrical plan, a flooring plan, etc. Each with precise timelines. Everyone has a place and everyone knows what’s expected well in advance.
  • Understanding ordering and deliveries – experience provides insight into how long it takes to get something from an outside source. And it provides alternative sources when on cannot meet a deadline. Making sure materials are on site when they should be keeps the project on time and on budget.
  • Appreciating budget commitments – the Houzz survey reports more than 1/3 of homeowners overspent their original budgets. Why? They didn’t know what the process really costs and underestimates something. Experience and local market expertise dictates reliable budgets and timelines.
  • Focus on priorities – designers keep a project on track because they focus on the plan from Day 1. It’s easy for homeowners to get excited about “what if” thoughts that hit them halfway through the remodel. Some make sense while others cost money – remembering time is money.

Tap A Skilled Interior Designer

An experienced designer provides guidance from the beginning and continuity throughout your remodeling project. They know what it takes for a project, large and small, to finish on time and with the “wow” element you’re looking for.

When you finally hit the “I hate my kitchen” stage, give us a call or email us. We’ll step up and join your to bring your vision for a new space into the light. We’ll show you how to enjoy a new kitchen that’s both functional and elegant. Your kitchen is a very personal space, you want it to be “just so,” right? That’s where we excel.

We welcome an opportunity to answer all your “what if” questions and share our experiences. Check out our portfolio online. We know you’ll see the benefit of working with a skilled interior designer for your Madison WI home renovation.

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