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Once the difficult decisions are behind you and your home renovation is about to begin what should you expect? If it is your first venture into the world of interior design and the renovation experience, it can be daunting. It’s safe to say renovating a Madison WI area home is not much like all those episodes shown on television.

To get its clients off to a comfortable start, the interior design team at DC Interiors created a “What to Expect” worksheet and planning guide. It offers a wealth of insight based on years of experience with successful renovation projects.

Transition From Interior Design To Project Manager

Once the final contracts are complete your DC designers take on the role of project manager. They are in charge of the overall project and keep track of all the moving parts. With years of experience, they are skilled at foreseeing and heading off potential roadblocks. You’ll see them in your home and get progress reports from them often.

When the final countdown begins – as it is obvious that the project is nearing completion – you’ll have even more contact. Working with interior design professionals you get more than new hardware, your get peace of mind.

Day-to-day With A Home Renovation

No matter how diligent you are in your pre-project planning, there are elements of a home renovation you aren’t likely to be ready for. Especially if you are a “first-timer.” A rule of thumb is: expect the unexpected…be patient.

Among the potentially unsettling elements are:

  • Dust and debris – Even with elaborate use of plastic sheet walls and high-tech dust collection, expect to find dust all through the house. You cannot escape it, but you can have a plan to limit it. First, shut off the rest of the house from the construction zone as best you can – that may include blocking air return ducts for your heating/cooling system in the work zone. A word of caution – be sure your HVAC system works properly if some ducts are closed.
  • Daily noise – worse than fingernails on a chalkboard, the whining of saws, bamming of nailguns and scraping of sanders becomes incessant. Hard to live with it sometimes, but you cannot do without it. Keep this in mind if you regularly work from home.
  • The unknown – as a home renovation progresses there are inevitably areas that even the best plans do not anticipate. Anything from poor framing of old walls to “funky” wiring, weak plumbing to series concerns like asbestos or mold. Count on having one or two “surprises” during the process. That’s another reason working with seasoned professionals is so important – they have learned to expect the unexpected.
  • Mid-stream changes – change orders are the next step from an unexpected find. They are documents that outline what is there and what is still required. While many change orders are the result of problems, more often than not they are the result of a client deciding to add something. Be aware there are costs – time and dollars – connected to every change order.

Home Renovation Highlights

It is easy to paint a picture of stress and disruption. However, the bumps in the road are worth it in the end. As regular progress reports come in you will see your dreams taking shape. Especially as new floors, walls and furnishing take shape. Some periods of work seem to take forever then the new space takes shape before your eyes.

As the days turn into weeks and contractors swarm in and around your home hang in there. While not recognized by medical professionals, “remodeling fatigue” is a real thing. It is the state of “wanting to be over.”

What’s the prescription for this malady? Plan a party! After the dust, noise and anxiety there is nothing like showing off your new space.

Interior Design Team Brings It All Together

Whether you’re redoing a single room, a floor or the whole house a reliable plan does not materialize overnight. Nor does the final project become reality without strict attention to detail. It takes a coordinated and skilled team. Enlisting the skill and experience of an interior design firm insures you’ll be aware of all the critical details. Call, email or visit our Madison showroom to see how your dream for change is possible. Or team of experienced interior design professionals will steer you though all the ups and downs of a home renovation in Madison WI.

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