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Clean, unobstructed lines with plenty of natural light and natural woodwork are hallmarks of a Scandinavian-style open floorplan.

Among all the international influences on building and decorating, Scandinavian design leads the way. Taking cues in fashion and interior design from around the world is nothing new in Madison WI. Like most Americans, Madison area residents embrace a relaxed, simplified, sustainable lifestyle. One of the hottest “buzz words” amongst interior designers from coast-to-coast is the Danish Hygge style (pronounced hoo-gah). It’s the latest in decades-old “Danish modern” concepts. How hot is it? There are nearly 900 different books on the subject available on Amazon!

Design styles from Scandinavia emphasize natural, simplistic, uncluttered space. They are anchored by one theme – marrying form with function. The uncluttered approach is an ideal match to the ever-popular open floorplan designs. Hygge, according to Danish designers, combines emotional and physical comfort and appreciation for natural elements. A New York City designer calls it: “A balance between too much stuff and an absence of life in your space.” Hygge-inspired designs go anywhere in the house from bathrooms to kitchen.

Scandinavian Design Isn’t New

The minimalist combination of form and function is not a new concept. It originally found its way to Wisconsin in the early 1950s – highlighted by pale colors, natural materials and lean, leggy furniture. All these elements make up the interior design style of the 21st century.

Designers suggest an assortment of ways to bring this unique blend of form and function to your Madison lifestyle. There are many elements to consider but the most important is the idea of form matching function – no wasted spaces.

Scandinavian Design | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

Light-colored woods on floors and furniture are features of a Scandinavian plan. Polished metal light fixtures add shine to the room.

Form plus function – every space highlights clean lines, smooth rounded edges, natural colors and unobstructed sightlines. Rooms are visually appealing. Furnishings reflect the same features – smooth surfaces, rounded corners and lots of natural wood and fabric. The space is easy to navigate and easy to clean. There is no clutter. However, getting rid of clutter (too many pieces of furniture for example) doesn’t me emptying the space of style. An open room provides an exceptional place for bold design statements.

Bringing nature inside is a basic principle. Accomplish it with window and door styles plus basic building materials. Inviting light into the room is important. Keeping with the plan, there are few, minimal window treatments – making the most of natural light.

The warmth and natural appeal of wood everywhere from floor to exposed beamed ceilings is another key element. An element carried through furniture, too. Because native woods in that part of the world are mostly light-colored, Scandinavian-style furniture uses mostly light-colored wood.

For dramatic contrast, metal lighting and accents are equally popular. Copper, brass and other warm tones are ideal ways to add a shine to any room.

Explore Key Basics

With its emphasis on natural materials it is no surprise that hardwood floors replace carpeting. Among the basic elements of a Scandinavian-style open floorplan are:

  • Never too much lighting – because daylight hours in Scandinavia are limited much of the year, lighting is a critical element. Light fixtures are prefect examples of how style blends with a vital function. Any light source fits – from pendants to wall-mounted sconces. Large uncovered windows bring in natural light.
  • Natural wood floors – light-colored wood flooring is a top choice and in many designs the floors are painted white or gray. Lighter floors make the most of light. Making use of wood-look tiles, underfloor heating is popular in bathrooms.
  • Nature’s color palette – natural colors are the choice. Scandinavian decorating leans toward neutral hues – various forms of white and gray highlighted with black and shades of brown. Other natural colors like sea green add accents. In most designs walls remain light, allowing furniture and art to define the space.

Seek A Guide To Find Your Style

There is no one right design style for your home. The rebirth of trends from Europe and Scandinavia reemphasize comfort, simplicity and performance. Your lifestyle dictates what fits your family. Simplicity often means moving toward a more natural, less cluttered environment. In a hectic world, people are looking for a comfortable safe haven.

However you see your home evolving, bringing dreams to life is a challenge. Our interior designers keep tabs on the latest trends and resources. And, our experienced Design/Build team works hand-in-hand with skilled craftsmen iso your ideas translate to a perfect result.

Elegant, functional spaces are the result of teamwork. DC Interiors & Renovation brings its award-winning dedication and skill to every project. Call, email or visit our Madison showroom and see for yourself what we have to offer. Join our design professionals to incorporate an exceptional Scandinavian design into your Madison WI home.

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