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Is there a whole home remodel in your future? Updating your living space is a smart investment, adding equity to your Madison WI area home. Interior design professionals recommend you take an inventory of your daily needs. Evaluate your lifestyle – think in terms of what you have today and what you want in the years ahead. There are many options from minor upgrades to building additions and total footprint overhauls. When you decide to reconfigure your space it is best to begin with the big picture and then focus on details.

Once the big picture is in focus you can zoom in on individual rooms. Creating an all-encompassing plan is daunting. There are so many sources of ideas and products. And, popular media make it all look so easy! The biggest obstacle is knowing where to begin. That is why connecting with a professional interior design team should be high on your list of priorities. Your dream house plan may be drawn on a napkin or notebook page. But, how do you make your scribbles into working documents to get real results? An interior designer knows how.

There are many questions:

  • Does the whole house remodel have to be done all at once?
  • Which room should get your attention first?
  • Why plan the whole thing when you’re going to do it a room at a time?
  • What does an interior design and build team bring to the table a remodeling contractor does not?

Interior Design Takes Each Space Into Consideration

Creating a cohesive plan for a major makeover takes a methodical approach. If you remodel your rooms piece-meal, the final result usually reflects that eclectic approach. Your aim is a home where every room works to benefit your lifestyle.

Think of your interior designer as the conductor of a symphony. All the players come together under the interior design direction. Each element on its own is good. Blended together they create your masterpiece.

As you create your master whole home remodel plan consider the following:

  • Start with issues – outline the aspects of your existing space you want to correct. Only when you know what’s wrong can you create an appropriate solution. Share with your interior design team what’s prompting your quest for new space.
  • Compare what you have with what you want – are your wants based on space, design, technology or what? Create a detailed outline of what an ideal home includes.
  • Which rooms do you love – there are some rooms in your home you already enjoy. How do they blend with your goals? Do you build your whole home remodel program around these rooms? Does a creative interior design turn a problem space into a successful one?

Advice from skilled, experienced professionals makes the process less stressful. It saves time and money. Even if you decide to do just one or two rooms now, there are dozens of decisions to be made. If plans include eventually moving ahead with a whole home remodel, someone to provide a cohesive overview is essential.

Whole House Remodel Requires Focus

No matter the scale of your remodeling plan, attention to detail is the key ingredient to success. Renovations, even relatively small ones, take time. There are moving parts – materials to order and track, installation schedules, permits and inspections to coordinate just for starters. Most people don’t realize what is involved. Or how to make sure every step is covered adequately. It takes a variety of skills to deal with cabinet makers, electricians, plumbers and tile or flooring installers. The specialists involved make up a long list.

Interior Design | Madison WI | DC Interiors and Renovations
A spa-like bathroom is often a high priority ingredient of a whole house remodel.

Its name provides a clue underlining the strength of DC Interiors & Renovations. The team brings years of experience on the interior design side coupled with hands-on experience on the building contractor side. When it comes to keeping a project on schedule it is an unbeatable combination.

What is the biggest regret of homeowners who planned a whole house remodel but did it as a room-by-room process? The final result didn’t live up to the original plan. Why not? Contractors and subcontractors didn’t translate the designer’s ideas correctly. Hiring the right contractor makes a world of difference. However, hiring a veteran contractor doesn’t guarantee the original vision will become reality. An interior design firm deeply rooted in all phases of a renovation project provides the cohesive coordination required to bring all the parts together – no matter how much time passes between start and finish. Engaging a team to follow through from start to finish is your best insurance of a positive outcome.

A whole house remodel can be compared to a large multi-piece jigsaw puzzle. A design team that created the original “picture” brings insider expertise a collection of specialists cannot imagine. They do their part and move on. Designers see what is and what must be – making the connection between each piece.

Interior Design Team Brings It All Together Bringing order and cohesion to any sized remodeling project takes skilled and experience. Whether for a single room, an entire floor or the whole house, outstanding results do not materialize without teamwork. Take advantage of an interior design firm with the dedication and background to get your project done right. Call, email or visit our Madison showroom to see how we will translate your dreams to reality. Or experienced interior design professionals are ready to create unique spaces in Madison WI, one room at a time or as a whole house remodel.

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