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The latest products combined with technology bring a dated space into the 21st century.

The process of creating an innovative home remodel plan revolves around building a strong personal relationship with your interior design team. Trusting your designer to translate your wishes, dreams and desires is a big step. Solid connections between homeowner and interior designer bring imagination to life in any Madison WI home.

Communications is the key to building a designer/client relationship. The flow of information has to be frequent and candid. The success of your home renovation depends upon it. Homeowners don’t have the background or access to the latest information on building materials, hardware and décor a designer has. On the other hand, interior designers aren’t mind readers – they prefer clients that readily share details, wishes and expectations.

Homeowners making their opinions known early are easier to satisfy than those reluctant to express their wishes. At the same time, homeowners respect a designer who says “no” to a request that won’t work or breaks the bank.

Above all, your relationship with a chosen team of designers has to “feel right.” Your chosen team works within your personal, private environment. You all have to be “on the same page.”

When an interior designer tours your home to evaluate your home renovation ideas, it’s time for you to evaluate them, too.

Home Remodel Benefits From Designer Touches

Home Remodel | Madison WI | DC Interiors and Renovations

Share your favorite colors and goals for the space then let your interior designer put together a complete palette that makes it all work together.

With so many sources of home remodeling ideas – the Internet, TV and dozens of magazines – creating a wish list for your home is easy. There are options and ideas to expand and enhance everything. Sorting through the options with a practiced eye keeps the process on track – and within your budget.

What does a team of professional designers bring to the project? Consider these benefits:

  • Connections – no matter the size or scope of your proposed project an interior designer has contacts to obtain products and materials. They have the resources to get things done.
  • Vision – a professional’s eye for color, tone, size and texture illuminates opportunities homeowners don’t even know exist.
  • Experience – skilled designers learn something from every project and bring their knowledge to your challenge. They know what works and why.
  • Continuity – taking your proposal from a blank sheet of paper to working documents for contractors and tradesmen takes expertise. A seasoned design team handles every step in the process from planning through turning on the lights in your new space for the first time.
  • A track record – see our gallery of successfully completed projects and testimonials from happy customers.

Contribute To The Interior Design Process

To strengthen the relationships you’re building keep these thoughts in mind:

  • Communicate – halfway through the project is not the time to bring up a “what if” idea for change. Share your opinions, thoughts and concerns as soon as they come up. Changes are possible but they come with costs – time and money. Agree with the members of your design team on who is its point person and the best way to communicate – email, text, phone, etc. – and set a timeframe for regular updates.
  • Share your vision – nothing brings your decorating vision to life quicker than pictures, fabric samples and paint chips. Keep a folder of ideas you like – grab images from hotel brochures, restaurants, magazines or friends’ homes.
  • Avoid conflict – nothing slows or derails the process faster than dissension among family members. Before moving ahead with major segments of your remodeling project make sure the entire family agrees on the outcome. Resolve your internal conflicts internally.
  • Be supportive – even a small renovation is exciting. It is also an intrusion into your life and it is stressful. Resist the urge to inspect the work at the end of every day. Too many questions and comments are like “are we there yet?” on a family road trip.
  • Be realistic – watching too many TV design shows gives you a slanted view of the process. Months’ worth of work by dozens of people are easily compressed into an hour-long episode.
  • Respect your budget – a remodeling project can easily go beyond its original budget with a few “we can do that” additions as it progresses. In the early planning sessions you set a budget and your interior designers agreed to provide products and services to match. Changing your mind causes delays and frustrations. Set a budget and stick with it.

Invest In Interior Design – A Wise Move

The skills and expertise of an experienced interior designer bring a renovation project to a successful conclusion. If you’re like most busy homeowners you don’t have the time or knowledge to take on a project yourself. One room of a whole house, it takes a coordinated team. Call, email or visit our Madison showroom to see how your vision for a lifestyle-enhancing change is possible. Team with our perceptive interior design professionals and create a memorable home remodel for your Madison WI home.

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