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Do you have an outdated bathroom, aka the Throne Room, or the loo, or the lavatory? Bathrooms have all kinds of nicknames and evoke all kinds of thoughts and feelings. At its most basic, it is a place to bathe and relieve oneself. In the beginning, an indoor water closet was a status symbol. Indoor plumbing was a luxury only the rich could afford.

And now? There are family bathrooms and three-quarter baths. Powder rooms and ensuites with wet rooms. They range from utilitarian to opulent, utilitarian to luxurious.


Second only to kitchens, bathrooms sell houses. We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. Outdated bathrooms don’t sell houses, and they do not contribute to our physical and emotional well-being. Bathrooms should be a pleasant space to perform necessary functions. Just because the functions are unglamorous doesn’t mean the room has to be.


As with any other room in the house, styles range from minimalist to sumptuous, antique to modern, farmhouse to contemporary. Tile, fixtures, flooring and storage all come together to create a space that is beautiful and functional.

The tub and/or shower, sink or sinks and toilet are like the furniture. Tile is the wallcovering and perhaps flooring. Vanities and cabinets provide storage. They can also be the statement piece in the room. Each element provides countless opportunities to express your style and lifestyle.


Updates range from refreshing the décor to major remodeling. Décor can be as uncomplicated and budget friendly as a new paint color on the walls and the linens, adding some greenery and artwork, and clearing the clutter. Even changing out the faucets and shower head are simple ways to update the look and feel. And don’t forget the lighting!

Powder rooms are often spaces where homeowners have more fun with design and decorating. They are small and can be redone easily and on a budget.


Remodeling, on the other hand, is expensive, time-consuming and fraught with unpredictable discoveries – but also the biggest rewards. It is not an undertaking for the faint of heart. In fact, in a 2021 Bathroom Trends Study conducted by Houzz, “Homeowners increasingly turned to professionals for help with projects this year.”

This kind of investment warrants care that design decisions don’t lead to rooms that quickly become outdated bathrooms themselves. Thoughtful planning and forecasting can “future-proof” your remodel, as described in this Houzz article. Size is important – yes, bigger is better if you can. Storage is paramount. Bathrooms are spaces that define the adage of form following function.

Above all, perhaps one the most modern changes is how we regard bathrooms. No longer are they just places for our morning ablutions. Family baths and master ensuites alike have become sanctuaries, places for peace and relaxation.


Once you’ve determined the scope of your project, you can decide how much professional help, if any, to engage. A minor refresh is something you can likely accomplish on your own with all the information available on websites, Pinterest and YouTube.

Stepping up to more extensive changes like choosing a new style and updating fixtures and finishes could benefit from the services of an interior design firm to help pull it all together.

A major bathroom remodel, though, has A LOT of moving pieces and requires much more knowledge and experience to guide it than possessed by most homeowners. A renovation, especially one the involves structural changes or relocation of plumbing, benefits from hiring a design and renovation company. A renovation and design firm provides a one-stop shop approach, guiding you through each decision. Working with your project manager, you’ll have access to designers, architects, builders, and contractors. This streamlined approach makes this as stress free as possible for homeowner since the design and renovation firm handles all the details.


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