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When all the elements of a new design fall into place an outdated kitchen is reborn, and the entire family benefits.

The trained eye of a veteran designer sees beyond what is to what will be in developing a successful kitchen design for your Madison WI area home. We found the existing cabinetry in a recent kitchen update to be in great shape. By painting the cabinetry and bringing in new lighting, new hardware, new countertops and a brilliant glass backsplash we re-energized this dated space.

The facelift for the outmoded cabinets anchored the project. Changing the dated wooden cabinetry to an appealing shade of gray with a simple coat of paint made all the difference.

Gray works perfectly in the kitchen and is one of the most popular colors for a kitchen remodel. Designers consider it a comfortable color because it’s neutral enough to blend with many décor themes. With the right accessories it is warm and inviting. A kitchen renovation based on one of the many variations of gray allows you to contrast brighter hues to make a personal statement. Gray is no longer considered dull. Complimented by a stunning glass backsplash like we used here and contemporary lighting, it’s striking. If anything, decorating around the gray cabinets made the space lighter and more welcoming.

Kitchen Design – A Lifestyle Decision

Deciding to give your kitchen a new, up-to-date look takes careful planning and thought. This project is an excellent example of how a basic kitchen footprint responds to a thoughtful approach. You don’t have to rip everything out and start over. Experience dictates how best a designer refreshes the space. Study the Before and the After photos. The changes are striking.

Professional interior design touches bring your kitchen update to a successful conclusion. If you’re like most modern families, your daily routine revolves around the kitchen. Call, email or visit our Madison showroom to see how your vision for a lifestyle-enhancing kitchen is possible. Team with our perceptive professionals and create a memorable kitchen design for your Madison WI home.

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