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In some ways, Modern Classic Bathroom Design seems a bit of an oxymoron. We think of classic furnishings as more natural or painted wood with softer edges and perhaps some curves. Modern furnishings recall straight clean lines and lacquer, or very glossy, finishes as contrasted to paint. The same characteristics carry through to upholstered pieces, hardware and accessories.

It may be slightly less of a challenge to meld those qualities in other living spaces but is a more considerable challenge in Modern Classic Bathroom Design. Bathrooms by necessity have several more permanent fixtures that are more difficult and costly to replace. Floors, tile and bathing amenities should be chosen with longevity in mind. Choices of vanities, storage, lighting and “that other fixture” are more flexible.

Classic foundation colors for tile and fixtures are neutral: white, gray, or natural stone such as granite or marble. These are good choices as there is a broad range of choices and price levels, and they are easily built on to update as personal taste changes, and as the foundation for interjecting modern on trend colors and patterns. Modern foundation colors are similar, but often include more intense values of colors, charcoal gray in place of a softer or smokier blue-gray, for example.

Classic hardware is often chrome or polished chrome in traditional styles. A modern classic bathroom design may incorporate black, brass or even gold in more streamlined styling. Consider hardware – faucets, hinges, handles, towel holders – as the jewelry. Mixing metals is very on trend and provides that little bit of excitement that illustrates that the devil is in the details. For example, black with just about any of the others can work, but mixing any of the others has to be done carefully.

White subway tile is always classic in a separate shower or shower/tub surround. A modern twist could be oversized white subway tile, or perhaps gray, and including an insert of marble or glass tile adds visual interest.

A freestanding clawfoot is always classic. Update the faucet to achieve a Modern Classic Bathroom Design. In Modern Classic Bathroom Design, the interpretation might be something like this


Painted Shaker cabinetry painted in white, gray, smokey blue or sagey gray-green is classic.

Shake them up in black, navy or hunter green to add a modern look. Gold, brass or black hardware complement these colors amazingly well for an upscale look.

Every room needs color and texture. Rugs and towels are perfect opportunities to really personalize the look and keep it fresh and new. Accessories can be functional and beautiful. Choose items for securing all the countertop necessities with an eye toward practicality and design. Baskets, lacquered boxes, etc., provide places to keep things handy and out of sight.

Artwork has a place in the bathroom. Just be sure it can stand up to heat and steam. Plants can be classic or modern and are wonderful addition. Considering lighting, more classic choices are ivy. More modern choices might include sansevieria or succulents.

Last but not least, lighting and mirrors – two very necessary components. The choices are endless but follow the same design theory for Modern Classic Bathroom Design as for all the others. Finishes and design lines suggest either classic or modern. Keep the look consistent throughout.

Whether you are updating the bathroom you already have, or starting from bare walls, the experience a design firm brings to any project can be the ticket to taking your vision to the next level, creating a Modern Classic Bathroom Design that will stand the test of time and be a delight for years to come.

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