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Mid century modern style (MCM) originated from the mid-20th century furnishings marked by simple, functional wooden pieces from teak and curved designs. The mid century evolved as a response to the World War II era. The interior designers and architects developed interior design ideas that bridged mass production and technology with the future outlook. The style is rooted in simple lines, functionality, and clean lines. Teak is preferred as it’s a reflection of rich color and durability. Rosewood and oak are also commonly used for furniture like storage cabinets, tables, and chairs. Metal, glass, and vinyl are used along wood to complement the look (furnishings in curved shapes).

Mid Century Modern Style

Image credit by Alyssa Smith

The color hues are marked by bold accents complementing the geometric-shaped furniture. For better results, you cannot combine your mid century modern furniture pieces from contrasting wood types. Ebony and Zebra lined wood will be disastrous for an MCM style. When selecting your antique MCM accent chair, ensure it’s steady to handle the pressure. Identifying an MCM piece of furniture isn’t easy but you can tell with a few apparent clues like pegged legs, emphasis on function, simplicity, organic forms, and manufacturing country like Denmark, Yugoslavia, Japan, Italy, and the USA. At DC Interiors & Renovations, our expert team of interior designers, architects, subcontractors, and craftsmanship will help curate your desired house, fitting the mid-century style suiting your preferences and tastes.

  1. Concentrate on statement pieces
mid century modern statement piece

Image credit by Martha

Choose several mid century modern pieces from a kidney-shaped MCM dining table, Eames lounge chair, or a wall hanging. They can be complemented by pink and pastel color hues and palettes, beautifully curated artwork, and window treatments.

  1. Play with colors
mcm colors

Image credit by Yassgol

The playful color use distinguishes it from a minimalist style. You can play along with bright rugs, accented mid century modern chairs, and graphic artworks. Play along with retro colors like sage green, robin’s egg blue, and butter yellow.

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  1. Maintain natural pieces
mcm natural pieces

Image credit by Jessica Schuler

You can mimic natural designs like incorporating large, elongated windows enhancing views on your natural landscape; biophilic plants potted in beautiful vases and plant motifs wallpapers.

  1. Natural hues with color pops
natural hues mcm

Image credit by Jess Cirino

Mid century modern scenery utilizes bright color accents against primary neutral tones of white, black, and wood. MCM color palette is embedded in nature, with earthy flora, bright fall oranges and yellows, muddy browns, ocean blue- flora similar as aquamarine and teal, and deep complexion red.

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  1. Combine materials and aesthetics
mcm aesthetic

Image credit by Jess Cirino

Manmade materials such as vinyl, plastic, Lucite, and fiberglass combined with natural materials like wood, glass, metal, and marble draw out a chic design for your spaces.

  1. Mid Century Modern Fireplace

Image credit by Diane Russell

Your desired house can be marked by a focal point of a striking geometric fireplace. It’ll not only add aesthetic to your spaces but will warm up making them cozier. Your guests will delight from the sharp style and well-curated small décor pieces aligned above your fireplace.

  1. Mix, Mix
Mcm mix

Image credit by Diane Russell

To attain an MCM look, you need to combine heights and textures. We all love a low-height MCM chair and MCM coffee table, bottom pillows, and jewels and try to maintain a clutter-free atmosphere. Still, you can play with the meter by adding a jacked bottom beacon or a candlestick holder or varying your Mid century modern cabinetwork heights to avoid the space looking so uniform. It’s established that clean lines and minimalism are a dateless look that blends well with other types of scenery. Therefore, incorporate your bespoke abstract oils and curated puppets for a magnifique look. It also adds personality to your MCM spaces.

Mid century modern

Image credit by Stephen Reeves

Rudiments of mid-century ultramodern innards design include clean lines, muted tones, and a combination of natural and manmade accoutrements. It also includes graphic shapes vibrant colors. For a bespoke appearance, integrating inner and out-of-door motifs is the stylish way to enhance a mid century modern look for your minimum spaces in your New York house or condor.

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