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This combination of bold colors and textures has visitors saying “oh wow” when they see it for the first time.

Bright colors, patterns and textures usually top the “must have” lists for top interior designers. However, bold design choices do not have to be “over the top.” Bold does not mean wild and crazy. You want friends and family visiting your Madison WI home to think: “Oh wow!” You don’t want them thinking: “Oh my!”

Every interior design should bring out your personality and make a statement about your lifestyle. Bold is about using colors wisely. Among the most popular home improvement trends are advances in textiles, wall coverings – paint and modern wallpapers – lighting and flooring.

As you dream, plan to make a statement. Your home is one place you determine what is right and wrong when it comes to layout and décor. What is right for others may not be right for you. But, it is your home! Tap onto the talents of skilled interior designers and make it special.

Bold Design Starts With A Plan

Proportion and scale are critical to designing any space. No more so than when bringing bold colors, textures and furnishing. Bright, bold colors are great, however there is a chance of creating a “too much of a good thing” situation. Too much of one color can be overwhelming. That is especially true of intense colors in small spaces.

Designers suggest:

  • Small rooms – go for one accent wall instead of covering the whole room in one color. If you have ever been in a powder room painted all black, all Navy blue or a trendy red you know how imposing it can be.
  • Medium-sized rooms – a medium-size room offers the best opportunity to make a truly bold statement. They can accommodate a large splash of color on all four walls.
  • Very large rooms – where there is a large expanse of wall space to cover the impact of what might be a bold statement is easily lost.

Coordinate Your Design Options

Bold Design | Madison WI | DC Interiors and Renovations

Neutral wall colors provide an excellent canvas for making a bold statement with an assortment of patterned textiles and unique décor accents.

How do you compensate for the size of the room? There are a number of ways designers coordinate style and fashion to make a bold statement no matter the space. Including:

  • Bold accent colors – instead of covering large spaces with bold paint, bright and dynamic colors can be interwoven into the overall plan. For example, where natural light is plentiful darker and more dramatic colors amplify the space without overpowering it. If there isn’t a lot of natural light brighter tones will naturally reflect available light making the space feel inviting instead of shocking. Ask your interior designer about the 60/30/10 rule. It is a textbook formula where one color (usually the most neutral shade) is dominant and covers 60% of the space. A secondary color – slightly bolder – covers about 30% of the room. Finally the most dynamic accent color covers only about 20% of the room.
  • Do not overlook neutrals – neutral colors are a designer’s secret weapon. They provide perfect backdrops for bold design choices. Neutral hues provide easy contrast and give bold choices more “pop.” Neutral shades are usually the secondary color choice.
  • Balance bold with subdued – can you have both a bold statement and a subdued environment? You can and should work toward a balance to make the space comfortable for the whole family. A florescent green loveseat, for example, makes a statement on its own and can be blended into a room of more neutral hues. Combine classic lines with bright colors and trendy styles.

Small Elements Enhance A Bold Design

When it comes to making a bold interior design statement it doesn’t have to be based on entire walls, ceilings or floors. A few clever touches go a long way. How can you expand your bold decorating and design? Consider:

  • Patterns standout – a room displaying large spaces of bold colors can be unified through patterns – simple to intricate – that complement the color choices. Selecting a pattern for accents like an area run is a great way to see how your color selections will work together. The overall color scheme brings out the shades in the pattern and vice versa. If a selection of colors works well in a patterned rug it is a good bet it will work throughout the room.
  • Textiles accents everywhere – textiles work in any situation. They form rugs, window treatments, pillows, blankets and upholster furniture. Choosing the right fabric for chairs or a couch can anchor the design. Bold fabric in a subdued room are eye-catching.
  • Bold décor – what is décor? It is all the little things that finish your space. It is art work, collectables, memorabilia and accent pieces. A bold design can be built around a collection or color palette – or one can be chosen to accent the major colors. As with every aspect of design, balance is vital.

Award-winning Professionals Embrace Bold Design

When you want to make a statement in your home – in one room, one floor or the entire space – you want support and direction from a professional. You need guidance from a design team that embraces your dreams and understands that “bold is beautiful.”

Pulling all the moving parts of a remodeling project of any size takes skilled and experience. Outstanding results do not materialize without teamwork. Take advantage of one of Madison’s best, award-winning interior design firms. DC Interiors & Renovation brings to every task the dedication and background to get it done right. Call, email or visit our Madison showroom to see how we translate dreams to reality. Or experienced interior design professionals embrace bold design and live to create unique spaces in Madison WI.

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