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It’s time to put the past few years behind us and plan for some fresh new interior design ideas for 2022. There has been an increasing shift in trends, so much that it can be classified as “Before & After Pandemic.”  

Work From Home Design | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

Natural light and unique wall treatments provide perfect elements for video meetings.

What’s Out in 2022? 

After spending more than a year cooped up inside, homeowners are ready to make changes to their homes. As a result, many cozy classics have given way to a more functional and sustainable lifestyle. 

Open Floor Plan 

The open floor plan was the most requested interior design concept at the beginning of 2020. However, it turned out to be rather an annoyance than a boon once the lockdown started. People wanted an uninterrupted working space with privacy. So, people needed to get more creative with other parts of their houses. Working from home can see a shift from working in an office to getting creative with your bedroom, closet, living room, or garage. Even more so with amazing new furniture concepts that can be multipurpose or space-saving.  

Open Concept Design | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

Simply removing walls doesn’t always improve the experience in an existing home. It can make using the space awkward and detract from an easy flow from room to room.


Another significant shift in trend is seen in the colors. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a bright yellow are ​​Pantone colors of the year in 2021. However, 2022 sees the shift in the love for neutrals. Instead, interior designers are looking at more bright and bold colors. This is evident in Pantone’s colors of the year 2022. With colors like Cascade, Coral Rose, Super Sonic, and Popcorn, homeowners are looking at affordable ways to brighten up their homes. Having said that, neutrals aren’t going anywhere. They are just taking a back seat.  

DIY Interior Design Trends 

Homeowners are now bringing in professionals rather than getting on the DIY train. With tons of inspiration all over Pinterest and other social media, they know what they want their home to look like, and homeowners want a more personalized place with space to grow.   

Scandinavian Design | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

Clean, unobstructed lines with plenty of natural light and natural woodwork are hallmarks of a Scandinavian-style open floorplan.

What’s In for 2022? 

The ever-changing needs inspire interior design trends for 2022. And also a shift in mentality towards health and wellness.  

Flexible Home Office 

One of the vast changes brought on by the pandemic is the need for personal space, especially a home office. While a dedicated space is out of the question for many, they are looking at versatile rooms where a kitchen island can double as a desk. Or a guest bedroom can serve as a home office. Instead of adding square footage, transforming a rarely used closet into a home office is very much in trend.  

Work From Home Design | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

The warmth of wood and leather make this home office both inviting and efficient.


Minimalism is very much a spillover from the previous years, but it is taking a drastic turn in 2022. This is because people need additional space now that more daily activities have to be accomplished from home. People have been purging and decluttering to create space, leaving behind only the essentials, helping them stay organized, and is also a great stress buster.   


With shortages popping up everywhere, homeowners are looking to upcycle the decor. As a result, vintage has made a comeback as the design world looks towards more sustainable options. Vintage products, including furniture and decor, also add uniqueness and personality to your homes.  

More Green Spaces 

The interest in wellness designs has increased in the last year, focusing on more green spaces inside their homes. This results from homeowners seeking a healthier lifestyle and bringing a bit of nature inside. Naturally, this is accomplished by placing indoor plants in strategic places. Indoor plants clean the air and bring a sense of peace to the inhabitants. Therefore, you can expect to see living walls and hanging plants in homes.  

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