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The role of a professional designer is to apply interior design principles to your remodeling project. Plainly said, “Interior designers translate hopes and dreams into comfortable living.” When you’ve got a remodeling idea for your Madison WI area home, a skilled interior designer can bring it into focus. You have alternatives from “big box” warehouse stores to local contractors. But do you want to put your vision in the hands of salespeople and workmen?

Interior Design Begins With A ‘Blank Sheet’

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The devil is in the details when it comes to remodeling. There are so many little things requiring attention a design professional guiding the process saves time and money.

The process of designing a well-thought-out plan for your space – a single room, a floor in your home or the entire house – begins with lists. You have a list of “must have” items. And a list of “must go” items. And probably a third list of “would love to have” items. Bringing all the possibilities together into a road map leading to a successfully completed project is what experienced designers do. They work from a blank sheet of paper, filling in the blanks with concepts, ideas and references to their extensive portfolio.

To get the most from every craftsman, specialist and vendor, an interior designer is a part of the process from concept through completion. They create 3D renderings to give scale and substance to ideas. They engage contractors, inspectors and suppliers. And, they are on the jobsite every day making sure reality meets the specifications of the plan.

What benefits do the experienced professionals at DC Interiors & Renovations provide that aren’t readily available elsewhere? There is a long list of value-added services, including:

  • Imagination – they’re “Dream Weavers” building upon your thoughts.
  • Vision based upon experience – they expand upon your limited perspective with ideas you never knew were possible. They’re not mind readers, but it may appear they are.
  • Perception becomes reality – applying decades of experience to bring your visions into focus they turn “what ifs” into reality. DC Interiors’ professionals sift through hundreds of options to capture your personality and interpret your desires.
  • Insight – decades of industry experience from clean-sheet design and on-site contractor experience is at your service. Designers apply hours and hours of work to manage your project, bringing new concepts to the plan and finding the right materials at the right price.

Measuring Remodeling Expertise

Interior Design | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

Pulling together thoughts and ideas from dozens of resources to create a final vision takes experience. Making it real takes skill.

For any homeowner, but especially one who has never committed to a remodeling project before, it is impossible to put a value on experienced guidance. There are steps in the process the require trust. Trust built upon communications and past performance. The building blocks of a successful project include:

  • Commitment – the concept-to-completion team does a lot of unheralded, behind the scenes work on your behalf. A remodeling contractor does what the plan calls for…the DC Interiors team does what’s best for your family.
  • Quality Control – interior designers always have the big picture and every detail in mind. And they are always “on duty.” Visiting your site daily, they keep the project on time and on budget. Using well-vetted, well-respected subcontractors and craftsmen job after job they get results.
  • Complete integration – Do you know which permits have to be applied for? What the local building codes require? When inspections have to be completed – and which ones can hold up your entire job? As licensed contractors the DC Interiors’ team understands every demand.
  • Personal counseling – With hundreds of client contacts the team developed exceptional “people skills” built over decades of customer service. Designers understand and help you work through the stresses of a remodeling project. Your peace of mind is a factor in every phase of the job.
  • Satisfaction – “promises made, promises kept.” One of the most common reactions to the final walk-through is: “it is so much better than I ever dreamed it could be!”

Interior Design – Bringing Your Personality Into Play

A qualified remodeling contractor will assemble of crew and do what you ask. A representative of a retail warehouse will “design” for you a space based upon what they sell. The professionals at DC Interiors & Renovations are your advocate every step of the way ensuring the ultimate renovation experience.

What is the most important thing about having an advocate in your corner 24/7? You have someone who knows the process so you can find out what you could be missing… before it is too late!

Whether you want a new kitchen, bigger master bedroom suite or an all-new living area you lifestyle and individual personality are driving forces. Not every planner sees the “big picture.” Nor do most take time to get to know you and your family. Bringing your wants, needs and dreams together into a vision, then making it realty is what DC Interiors & Renovations does. Knowing how to combine elegance with efficiency; to blend glamor with function is an art. Completing a project on time, within budget and well beyond expectations is a mix of experience as interior designers and contractors. We see you project from every possible angle. Our award-winning team has on-site experience as licensed contractors. We leave nothing to chance, following your project from initial design to final walk-through.

Give us a call, email or visit our nearby Madison showroom to explore the opportunities we offer. We take pride in our knowledge of interior design ideas to apply in your Madison WI home.

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