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The insights of skilled, perceptive designers turn a new room into a special place that enhances your lifestyle every day.

Whether upgrading one room or giving the whole house a new personality, professional interior design adds value. A perceptive, personalized touch that brings your dreams to life goes beyond hardware and paint.

What does a creative design professional do a remodeling contractor doesn’t? Professional design and planning brings a project together for a smooth, successful finish. Most contractors bring in outside consultants for the creative phases and operate most comfortably as project managers. Builders don’t always consider all the ins and outs of lifestyle, personal taste and the elements that bring a project from finished to “well dressed.”

An experienced team that brings design and building expertise the every phase of your home renovation understands the overall process. Incorporating a skilled design team into the planning insures an understanding of the latest trends and styles. Combine that with a working knowledge of how to build a new kitchen or bathroom and your project gets a head start from Day 1. Skill and experience to handle the “what if?” options and recognize efficiencies in construction and planning put you money ahead.

Interior Design Myths Busted!

Study after study reveals the popularity and necessity of home remodeling growing. That trend will continue for some time. Homeowners are constantly searching for ideas and home renovation options. During their search they are often misled. Don’t let the myths surrounding professional design for your remodeling project lead you astray. Let’s bust a couple:

MYTH ONE“All interior design people do is pick pretty colors, pillows and fancy furnishings.”

Yes, a skilled design team does all that. But that’s a small portion of the value they provide. The design team at DC Interiors and Renovations combines expertise in design with hands-on experience with building professionals. The designers produce technical drawings for every phase of a project, including the latest in high-tech 3D renderings. Your designer is the primary point of contact throughout the design and construction phases. Designers work directly with site managers and contractors so you don’t have to. An designer’s daily routine often includes:

  • Selecting materials – flooring, tile, counter tops, cabinets, paint colors as well as furnishings and décor items.
  • Contact with contractors for progress reports and scheduling
  • Securing permits and inspections for every phases of the project
  • Contact with you, the client, to keep you up-to-date and comfortable with the progress

The members of the design team keep you project on schedule and one budget.

Knowledge Anchors Home Renovation Success

MYTH TWO“Professional designers are too expensive, I know what I like and can do it all myself.”

There are people who actually can do some of what a design professional does, but not many. Those that take this attitude often don’t know what they don’t know. The world of home design and home improvements is never static. Materials, trends and technology changes rapidly. Keeping abreast of all these changes is a designer’s job. Communicating with all the people involved is another fulltime job. There’s more to it than picking items from a catalog. In the final assessment, a home renovation is measured in more than dollars. Its value is measured in what it means to you, the homeowner. Is it everything you dreamed it would be? When it is, the whole thing is worth every cent. Or, was cutting corners worth it? Did it come out short of your expectations? Working with a team of veteran designers is “excellence” insurance against unforeseen surprises. Their expertise saves time, money and frustration.

Tap The Expertise Of Interior Design Pros

Whether you want to create one special room or a total home renovation, call, email or visit our Madison showroom and bring your thoughts and ideas to us. Team up with our perceptive interior design professionals and turn your visions into reality in your Madison WI home.

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