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Attention to details, color and balance make this finished room inviting and comfortable.

A home improvement adds value to your home investment, but it goes well beyond a dollar return. Changes and enhancements to your Madison WI home boosts its real value to the family. A successful project makes you happy. It provides a bright spot in your life and impacts every day’s activity.

The intangibles of a home remodel make the memorable impact. There may be plenty of reasons to make a change but these are the most common ones for contacting an interior design professionals for advice:

  1. Up-date your “starter” home – not long ago, few people bought their first home improvement adds with the idea they’d be in it forever. The concept of a “forever home” is gaining popularity. With that in mind, families are looking to remodel and upgrade their basic first home to accommodate an expanding, advancing lifestyle.
  2. Remodel for a growing family – the need for space evolves as children grow. The older kids get the more complicated their demands for space – a playroom transitions into a home theater or video game room.
  3. The recently “emptied nest” – when children move out other options are on the table. Extra bedrooms are candidates for home offices, hobby and craft rooms and accommodations for guests. Homeowners look for creative ways to reinvent their living space.

You want your home to reflect the very best of your lifestyle, right?

With that in mind there’s philosophy behind the technical aspects of remodeling. One of the most famous applications of science and philosophy is known as Feng Shui (pronounced fen sh-way). The idea behind it is to create a design that avoids stress and provides positive vibes. Believe it or not, appropriate interior design themes add peace of mind to your daily life.

Plan Home Improvement adds Carefully

Before embarking on a home renovation, there are dozens of resources to consult for ideas. The more you read or view, the more confusing the whole process can become. A good first step is to give serious thought to how you will use the space rather than how “experts” say you should use it. Consult your entire family. How will it use the space every day? When you understand the purpose it’s easier to design for function.

In the 21st century home designs have changed drastically from the era when many Madison homes new. Modern families are adapting their older homes to new styles. A collection of small rooms and hallways gives way to the ever-popular “open concept” floorplan. As you develop a vision of what you want in your home, don’t fear change. Just because a room is no longer used as the builder intended doesn’t make it wrong – it makes it your personal space! Professional interior designers create custom spaces. They take your dreams and apply experience and education to bring them to life. Your family life calls for a home that’s both fun and functional, right?

Does a sophisticated, elegant design fit with a growing family of young children? I can. Family-friendly homes require flexibility – expanding opportunities to add personality.

Home Improvement| Interior Design | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

DC Interiors & Renovations – Madison WI – 608-444-0571 – creating home improvement themes that boost family lifestyles throughout the Madison area.

While kitchen and bathroom upgrades highlight most remodeling plans, the entire house is an untapped resource. Bedrooms are great places to add personality – with an eye on adopting to new trends and favorites as family needs change.

A tip to remember as you plan: “Live your life through designs that suit you and think beyond traditional uses for your rooms.”

Interior Design Shapes Personality

When you remodel you want to give the new space a personality all its own – yet reflecting yours as well. Interior design is the blending of art and science that manipulates space to meet your needs. It is not decorating (although there’s an element of that in the finished project). Design pulls together psychology, architecture and the latest products to create a space that’s all yours. It may be traditional or ultra-modern.

How does and interior designer translate your desires into windows, floors and cabinetry? The design process revolves around basic principles including:

  • Unity and harmony – your home improvement adds is more than a sum of its parts; it’s more than a series of rooms linked by hallways and stairs. The design of one room need not mirror that of the others, but a conscious effort should be made to enable people to move easily from one to another. Unity comes in the form of appropriate color combinations and materials.
  • Balance – the way the eye views the space. Balance comes in three forms: symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial. Symmetrical balance means objects and focal points are repeated – one side of the room mirrors the other. Asymmetrical is the exact opposite – there’s no need for repeating. This is the most informal design style. Finally, radial symmetry represents elements that revolve around the center of the room – like a around a spiral staircase or distinctive kitchen island.
  • Focal points – the enemy of good interior design is boredom. A well thought out room has a focal point. It’s the attention-getter, the “wow” factor. It might be a stunning fireplace, a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, a built-in entertainment center or an elegant chandelier.

Details Anchor Home Improvement adds Success

You cannot take too much time on details. Minute things like trim on windows and hardware on cabinets might be a pain, but in the end you will reap the benefit. The minute details build spirit into renovated space. The inject your personality.

Pay close attention to:

  • Size and shape – another way to put it is “scale and proportion.” Be aware of how various design elements work together (or don’t work together). The wrong decision results in a room over-powered by a single element, or one feeling empty and uninviting.
  • Color, color and more color – the colors you choose for everything from walls, floors and ceilings to window treatments and cabinetry set the mood.

The skilled designers at DC Interiors understand the complete renovation process. They have experienced all the ups and downs from putting basic thoughts on paper to the final walk-through upon completion. They understand the decisions you have to make. Every possible detail is scrutinized and evaluated. We walked clients through all the options. Give us a call or email us if you’re looking to increase the value of your home improvement adds. We’re ready to create a plan for your future with an eye on the real return on your investment – peace of mind and satisfaction. If you’re looking for additional inspiration, review our portfolio on line. We’re proud of our many finished projects. When you are ready to translate your dreams and desires into a home improvement adds you’ll be proud of in Madison WI, we are ready to make it happen.

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