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If you love your home, your neighborhood, the schools or your commute but don’t have all the space you need, a home addition may be the answer. There are many reasons to consider a home addition. Fortunately, there is a solution to almost every one of them.  

Types of Home Additions

We’ve all seen those additions that look like an afterthought, an appendage stuck on the side of a house. Fortunately, there are creative out-of-the-box thoughtful ways to achieve the space you need. A home addition can come in any size. You can bump out a few feet, add a dormer or a second story or a small or large first-level space to get it just right.  

Of course, there are many factors to consider as you assess the project to get the space you need. Do you need a little or a lot? A dormer added to a second-story room can provide a surprising amount of space. An ensuite bath added to a first-story master bedroom provides privacy and takes the pressure off any of the shared bathrooms

The key is to evaluate what you want to accomplish. There is a delicate balance between achieving your goals and over-building. It is easy to get swept up as you page through magazines and scroll through Pinterest pages. They pull you in with their beautiful pictures and exciting layouts. Prior to any project, asking yourself a series of questions is helpful to zero in on the priorities for your project. The answers to these will provide a framework for the next steps.   

Is a Home Addition the Best Choice?

 Is a home addition more cost-effective than simply selling and purchasing or building something that meets your space requirements? In fact, this is an often-asked question. Generally speaking, it is almost always most financially beneficial to choose the home addition but there are exceptions to every rule. Engaging industry professionals is a wise decision. An experienced realtor with solid knowledge of your neighborhood is a great resource! He or she can offer advice on the types and market values of homes in your area and provide information about what the market for selling your current home and purchasing or building another would hold.  

 Of course, all significant remodeling projects require intense research. To that end, a design-build professional is another source of valuable insight. Familiar with all aspects of construction and interior design, they can walk through your vision with you to determine how to get the most from your budget and what options exist to meet your needs. For example, a home addition of a family room may be what you’re picturing. However, there may be ways to add other features that take the home addition to the next level, or highlight an entirely different solution. Certainly an expertly done addition will not only meet your needs but may increase the value of your home. 

 A home addition is an opportunity to customize your home to make it truly a place you want to come home to every day.  

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