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A functional luxury bathroom charges your battery to start your day and soothes your weary body and soul at the end of it.  

What Defines a Functional Luxury Bathroom?  

The functional. bathroom fixtures include sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets – things that aren’t easily changed. Bathroom fittings are hardware: towel bars, faucets, shower heads and body sprays, hinges and door and drawer hardware, and lighting. Task lighting is crucial to a well-functioning bathroom.  Each fixture and fitting is placed, and operates, in a highly efficient manner, and meets the needs of the household.  

Simple to Sublime 

Luxury is about the features and finishes. Walls can be painted, tiled, or papered. Floor coverings range from wood (waterproof, of course) to tile. Another popular choice today is luxury vinyl plank. Then there are fixtures and fittings, lighting and accessories.  

Luxury doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Carefully consider what it means to you. Do your tastes run toward marble or granite on the shower walls and floors, gold and brass hardware, glitz and glamour? Or do you think about spa-like, nature-inspired stone, wood and natural finishes? Knowing your style will simplify shopping, saving time and money and keep you from making regrettable purchases. 

But before spending a single hard-earned penny, take time to plan your design and purchases. What is your overall budget for the project? This figure will provide a clear  understanding of how to allocate the dollars for your functional luxury bathroom design. The categories are: cabinets, countertops, lighting and plumbing fixtures, flooring, and accessories. 

Fixture replacement will likely be the largest expense if you choose to do so. Sinks, vanities and toilets come in many styles and price points, depending on the materials, finishes and features. The high-end option for tubs and showers: a separate walk-in shower and soaker tub. Multiple shower heads and body sprays in a full-on remodel are the epitome of luxury. Bidets, or bidet toilet combinations, are coming back into fashion. The combination can range from several hundred dollars to thousands. Heated towel bars and floors; smart toilets, showers, faucets, lights and mirrors; and a television and Bluetooth speakers all contribute to a sumptuous experience.  

 Affordable Luxury 

 More affordable, yet still evoking a feeling of luxury, is replacing the standard shower head with a combination rain shower head and adjustable handheld shower with a diverter that allows use of either or both. A bidet toilet seat added to your current toilet, or a new one, serves the same function and offers the same luxury as the combination version.  

Lighting may be the most overwhelming choice given how much there is to choose from. Sconces or over-mirror lighting and ceiling fixtures for every budget can be found to suit every personal design esthetic.  

Accessories for Functional Luxury Bathroom Design 

From clothing to home interiors, accessories elevate the design from ordinary to extraordinary. A bathroom requires storage for a myriad of everyday items. A tub tray holds the necessary bath items and a cup of tea – or a glass of wine. Wonderful textures in towels and rugs are a must. Artwork continues the theme. Plants or flowers bring yet another layer of luxury. Candles and scented soaps enhance the experience. 

From big box stores to specialty bath shops, the choices are only limited by the amount of money you want to spend. Start with a plan to know what your must-haves are, and where you’ll splurge. Especially if your plan includes major remodeling, consulting a professional in the beginning will save you time, trouble and money.  

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