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When the dust has settled share your beautiful new space with friends and family.

When your renovation project is done, it’s time to make it really complete with attention to subtle finishing touches. Before you put your feet up and relax take time to check off the following tasks that cap your home remodel. Whether you’re ready to enjoy a one-room renovation or a major facelift for your Madison WI home, you’ll be glad you took time for the following:

  • Collect and register all your warranty documents – All your new appliances and gadgets plus many of the basic building materials have guarantees and warranties. Your interior design professionals know where to look and help find the latest versions. Keep a file or binder for future reference. Keep all your receipts, contracts and user guides in the same place. Mail all the required documents – or, complete the registration on line.
  • Read all your warranty documents – the manufacturers provide excellent tips on what to do and what not to do to keep your new possessions working properly.
  • Learn how to keep new items looking, working like new – the professionals who install your new flooring, cabinetry and hardware are the first source of how-to advice for maintenance and cleaning. Tap the resource before they move on to another homeowner’s remodeling project.
  • Schedule timely maintenance – Among the first tasks for when the dust has settled include changing air filters in your home. Home renovation creates more dust than normal, so the filters collect more in a short time. A good tip is to create a written schedule for changing furnace filters – keep it on a calendar close to the furnace so you can refer to it easily.

Add Protection After A Home Remodel

During your home renovation you took steps to protect your possessions from dust, debris and all the commotion of an ongoing project. Now that it’s done, protect your new furnishings, floors and fixtures from the rigors of daily life. Floors are the prime targets for advanced care, including:

  • Adding protective pads to furnishings – pad the bottom of table and chair legs and keep hardwood, laminate, tile and vinyl floors from scratches and scrapes. Not only does it protect the floor, it makes moving furniture easier so you can experiment with different layouts.
  • Investigate protective coatings – your contractor has recommendations for which type floors need sealants or special cleaning agents. This is true for floors and countertops.

An often overlooked finishing touch is one that has a great impact on your home – making sure your homeowners insurance is up to date. Contact your insurance agent and discuss:

  • Are alterations and additions covered by your existing policy?
  • Do changes modify your liabilities or risks? Pools, spas and decks are primary concerns.
  • A home update increases the value of your property and belongings so coverage has to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Energy efficient appliances and advances in technology make homes safer and often qualify for new discounts.

Share Your Finishing Touches

The last touch making your project complete is to enjoy your new space and share it with family and friends. Throughout the remodeling process your family has had to adjust. Now it’s time to make the new space their own and enjoy it.

By completing these simple but often neglected end of project tasks you’re guaranteeing a memorable experience. Professional interior design brings your home remodel to a successful conclusion applying all the deft, subtle touches you’ll always remember. Call, email or visit our Madison showroom and share your thoughts and ideas. Team with our perceptive professionals and count on memorable finishing touches in your Madison WI home.

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