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Differentiating Modern Farmhouse décor from the seemingly endless variations on the farmhouse theme, and keeping it current, begins with just a few simple concepts. Clean lines, neutral colors, comfortable furnishings and natural elements are the foundation of this cozy and inviting style. 

Modern Farmhouse décor borrows key elements from traditional styling, classic farmhouse, industrial and minimalism. Less rustic than classic farmhouse, softer than straight industrial style, and warmer than pure minimalism, Modern Farmhouse décor blends elements of these into a sophisticated, welcoming design for every room in your home. 

Shaker cabinets, or similar unfussy styles, are a good choice for kitchens and are often painted white. This style of cabinet works well with many décor choices, so is a great foundation that transitions easily as your style changes. Simply changing hardware can change the style if you ever tire of Modern Farmhouse décor. Granite or quartz  countertops are a good choice for this style. This natural stone also transitions well between styles. White cabinets with black countertops are classic. With all decorating and design, starting with timeless choices for the foundational pieces is a wise and cost effect decision, and a classic black and white palette is a great starting point for Modern Farmhouse décor. 

Neutral colors don’t need to be boring. While traditional white cabinets are a great choice in the kitchen, there is a vast spectrum of whites to incorporate throughout the room. Warm whites, creamy whites and beiges, buttery whites – combinations of warm and cool shades play off one another to create interest and depth. Layer them on walls and fabrics. Neutrals are more than shades of white. Modern Farmhouse décor reaches outdoors to stormy blues, sage greens, and warm browns. Mix these with lighter neutrals in patterned and plaid fabrics for throws, pillows, upholstery, or drapes, or use them solidly in accents like lamp bases and shades, vases, ottomans, rugs and other decorative pieces. 

Texture is a key element of Modern Farmhouse décor. Natural elements such as stone and brick, wood and metal, wool and leather are starting points for walls and furnishings. Black iron and galvanized steel are important to Modern Farmhouse décor, especially aged pieces. Wood pieces have uncomplicated lines and simple finishes, and finishes tend to be the same throughout the house for a more seamless, calm feeling. Painted furniture with an authentic – or authentic looking – patina, combined with comfortable upholstered pieces, are the foundation for any room. 

Decorative pieces are collected, curated for their supporting role in evoking the feeling and surfaces are uncluttered. Nothing is pretentious. Modern Farmhouse decor creates light and airy, comfortable spaces that invite you to curl up, relax and stay awhile. 

For more ideas on incorporating Modern Farmhouse décor into your spaces, check out the articles and publications that follow. And professional guidance is always available at design firms. Engaging a consultant is a perfect way to be sure you have balance and to help you find resources, whether you’re redecorating a room, your home, or beginning a major renovation. 

How ever you achieve your Modern Farmhouse décor, you and your guests are bound to find your home cozy and welcoming.

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