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Elegant Bathroom | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

Call it Country, Farmhouse or Traditional, a modern elegant bathroom combines form and function.

Interior design trends come and go but with the right guidance you can create an elegant bathroom in your Madison home no matter your tastes. Recent excitement over farmhouse designs has carried over to the master bathroom. Call it farmhouse, Craftsman, Country, American Arts & Crafts or Traditional there’s a way to blend the latest technology with classic lines.

With the number of 50-, 60- and 70-year-old homes in the Madison area, there are plenty of opportunities for renovation in any bathroom. Hundreds of older homes in Madison represent the area’s rural roots. And with the areas link to world famous designer Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style the design palette is wide open.

Create ‘New Old’ In An Elegant Bathroom

All the traditional designs are marked by emphasis on personal touches, natural beauty and simplicity. However you define your preference, the hallmark is simple lines accented with natural materials. Traditional designs may harken back to a bygone era, but with modern upgrades and technology they fit perfectly into the 21st century.

Among the most sought-after elements in a traditional bathroom remodel are:

  • Richly colored, textured hand-made tiles
  • Natural wood moldings and trim
  • Earth-tone color palette on walls and floors
  • Warm, dark metal fixtures and hardware
  • “character” reflected in wood, stone and exotic metals (like copper and brushed brass)

The bottom line for these designs: uncluttered space reflecting natural elements with a refined touch.

Among the modern, contemporary styles you won’t find in a traditional bathroom are:

  • Bright colors for walls or countertops
  • Shiny, bright metal fixtures – chrome is not the first choice
  • Very little glass – walk-in showers opt for “no door” designs rather than large glass doors
  • No exotic-looking fixtures, sinks or countertops
  • Few curved shapes
  • Very little mixing and matching materials and finishes

Accent Bathroom Renovation Details

Elegant Bathroom | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

A bronze fixture with decorative controls in a wash basin-style sink offers a classic look.

The way natural materials and accents are blended in a new bathroom make a huge difference in defining the space. The palette colors and basic architecture is derived from natural surroundings. The colors reflect Wisconsin’s heritage of pine trees, rich and fertile earth, a variety of rocks, minerals and sand. Matte finishes are common for tile. Keeping with the natural look, no shine and texture is the

The palette of colors is pulled from that natural surroundings: the colors of pine trees, fall foliage, rich earth, rocks and sand. Matte finishes are common for tile, because they are subtle and subdued. Combined with textures they enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom.

In keeping with the area’s historic interior design heritage, Shaker-style vanities and cabinets are also popular choices. There’s a solid Shaker influence in a lot of Wisconsin-oriented architecture and interior design.

Chosen construction materials in the new bathroom set the stage, then interior design elements provide finishing, elegant touches.

Among the simplest and yet most dramatic accents are paint colors. Colors that fit the modern approach to a traditional update include:

  • Warm, rich earth tones – Chestnut, bark, stone sienna and ochre – all paint manufacturers have their own name for the appropriate hues.
  • Earthy greens – sage, moss, olive, forest, etc.
  • Calming neutral hues – cream, parchment, beige, taupe, etc.

Bathroom Tile Reflects Elegance, Lifestyle

The vast number of tile shapes, sizes, textures and colors make tile one of the hottest elements in every interior design. Whether for new construction or a remodeling project, tile is creative and versatile. Hand-made tiles specifically, reflect a respect for historic design. The hand-crafted nature of these tiles makes them ideal for period restorations. The application of the latest materials and technology provides modern performance. Tiles ideal for an elegant traditional application include:

  • Common, basic rectangular and square shapes – keeping the tile application simple
  • Using tiles featuring rich, natural earth tone colors
  • Appling custom tiles to walls and floors
  • Using hand-painted tiles for accents and splashes of color
  • Modern tiles with textured or matte finishes to remove the “shine” associated with contemporary styles

Keeping with the natural materials theme, wood is also high on the list of hallmark options. Creative uses for various woods include:

  • Vanities, trim and molding stained to accent the room décor
  • Medium and dark stains are popular – with trends toward lighter woods finding their way into 2020 bathrooms
  • Custom cabinetry and storage units
  • Distinctive framing around window, doors and mirror trim

Nothing says “natural” more than using stone or stone-look tiles.  Southern Wisconsin’s landscape features a variety rock formations and rock types. Most of them are available to accent your new bathroom. Stone, in various forms works well for:

  • Countertops – granite is not just for kitchens – also slate, quartzite and soapstone
  • Floors – slate tiles are rugged and decorative (ideal for under-floor heating, too)
  • Wall treatments – a rugged look in walk-in showers

All the natural elements add subtle elegance when teamed with soft, warm lighting.

For another period touch, consider using stained glass – stained glass panels are available for existing windows or for replacement window installations.

Elegant Bathroom Hardware

Plumbing fixtures designed to reflect traditional, farmhouse or Craftsman design are simple. Yet, they are often unique. A pedestal sink, for example, is a common element in guest bathrooms and power rooms. However, popular double sinks also fit the designs.

Chrome fixtures have been the go-to choice for about 100 years. They replaced older materials because they are easier to clean and less expensive. However, modern metal technology makes it possible to recreate all the traditional styles and older designs with new materials and finishes. The new models look old and require less maintenance than ever.

When looking for faucets and showerheads for your new bathroom, consider the following finish choices:

  • Nickel – available in brushed, hammered and polished finishes for every options from shiny to matte. A much warmer option than chrome and it goes well with earth tones. Brushed nickel is sometimes called “pewter” which is a common material in historic, country-style homes. Nickel is low maintenance and resists tarnishing, especially in brushed finishes.
  • Brass – a traditional metal is works well with modern sinks or for a period restoration. Also available in polished and brushed. A hammered surface treatment adds texture.
  • Copper – when you want to make a statement, copper is a good choice. However, it requires a lot more maintenance than other choices. Left untouched it develops a natural green patina as it ages. For some people, that’s part of its attraction. For others, it is corrosion. Your perception makes all the difference.
  • Bronze – A very durable metal but an expensive choice. Available as a rubbed or oiled finish. Both are dark, rich and durable. Bronze is on the high-end of the price scale.
  • Customize Choices – there are many color choices available in most metals. In addition, fixtures are customized with colored handles and specialized handle materials.

Interior Design Vision Leads To Elegant Bathroom

When you’re remodeling to restore the dignity and elegance of a decades-old home with modern amenities tap the vision of interior design professionals. The right design blends equal portions of elegance and efficiency. It isn’t easy to see the big picture. DC Interiors & Renovations applies decades of experience to combine classic form and function. Interior designers translate concepts to easily understood terms. In addition, they apply the latest in high-tech 3D programming to bring ideas to life.

Explore your bathroom remodeling plan from every possible angle. Give us a call, email or visit our nearby Madison showroom and share it with our award-winning team. We’re proud of our portfolio and are excited to share it with you. We’re on top of the latest interior design materials and trends. Let us show you how an elegant bathroom renovation fits your Madison WI home.

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