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Detailed planning and collaboration early in the process results in an inviting new space.

There’s one thing all successful remodeling projects have in common – a detailed renovation plan. Without planning a home remodel is stressful and costly. Madison WI renovation projects come in all sizes and shapes. The design process is constant.

Steps To A Successful Home Remodel

Once you determine the focal point of your project there are basic steps to map out the process. From start to finish, consider:

  • Planning – the most critical stage where your thoughts, dreams and visions are converted to drawings, projections and timelines.
  • The footprint – determine the existing footprint of your space and build a concept around it. What will the new space look like – same footprint or expanded space? Evaluate details like traffic patterns and potential daily uses.
  • Weigh pros and cons – What do you want to keep and what do you want to change? Detail what you want, must have and would “really like.”
  • Research – Tap into all the sources of the latest trends in design, products and building technology for the space you want to change. Use the Internet, publications and the popular TV programs. Keep a folder of clipped photos, notes and ideas. Share everything with your design professional and formalizing your plan will be easier.
  • Be flexible – Expect your designer to say “what if?” Tap into years of experience and learning brought to the project by your interior designer. They’ll enhance your concepts and spot potential problems ahead of time.
  • Have a budget – come to your planning meeting knowing what you can spend. Experienced designers know how to stretch your dollars.
  • A workable timetable – a finished plan takes time and a revision or two. Consider personal events, holidays and family commitments as you create a timeline. Establishing a working time frame is critical to success.
  • Change is costly – change orders range from a nuisance to a big deal. They never come without a cost – in time and dollars. If there’s something you have to change, contact your site manager or designer immediately. Time really is money!
  • Stay calm – craftsmanship and design excellence doesn’t bring your ideas to life overnight. The more planning and research you invest the more successful your project will be. Attention to detail equates to quality. Be patient it’s all worth it.
  • Constant Communication – Once you sign your remodeling contract you’re not done with your participation in the project. Your design professional will shepherd your project through each stage and keep you apprised of what’s happening. It is your home and your input is respected every step of the way. Frequent, candid two-way communication reduces stress and insures a delightful outcome.

Your Renovation Plan Frames Success

When you’re ready to put life into your home remodel dream, call, email or visit our Madison WI showroom and bring your renovation plan into focus.

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