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Spa-like Bathroom | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

Create a spa that’s as ‘decadent as possible’ – you’ll love it.

The elegant, relaxing create a spa-like bathroom of your dreams is within reach. Creating a place to escape, relax and recharge in your Madison WI home promotes good health and well-being.

Not every home has a large master bathroom, not does every home have room to build one. But, luxury can come in small spaces, too. A selection of classic materials and a soothing color scheme sets the stage. An interior designer’s finishing touches pulls it all together. When it’s all done you want a space that engages and delights the senses, right?

A bathroom to spa makeover can be simple or complicated. It depends upon your dream vision. When you think of a spa what comes to mind? Soft lighting, warm towels and total relaxation? Design details that include natural elements like earth-tone colors, wood, stone and running water are relaxing.

Set the tone for your personal bathroom spa by paying attention to these basics:

  • Colors – walls, ceilings and floors. Paint and tile selections provide the backdrop.
  • Fixtures – plan to upgrade fixtures for sinks, tubs and showers
  • Lighting – a spa is a soft, warm, inviting place devoid of harsh shades and bright lights
  • Countertops and cabinetry – the complete experience blends must-have features with deluxe accessories
  • Furnishing – a spa has appealing places to sit and relax

Create A Spa Plan for Your Spa-like Bathroom

What do you want in your new personal spa? A unique soaking tub or a large, walk-in shower? As with every remodeling project, start with lists:

  • Elements “I must have”
  • Features “I really want to have”
  • Everything that “must go”
  • Anything that “must stay”

Refer again to the basics as you form your plan:

  • Colors – soothing colors set the mood. Neutral colors like white, off-white, beige, soft grays and earth tones like browns and mild greens work well. Color defines the space and with the right choice you begin to relax with one glance. Subtle accents come in via art work, countertops, furnishings and décor.
  • Plumbing fixtures – a nationally-known designer tells us to “think of plumbing fixtures as jewelry.” Faucets adorning tubs and sinks make a statement. Your selection of tubs, toilets and sinks adds to the ambiance. The shower is the focal point of the spa room – make it as “decadent” as possible. Add rainfall show heads or perhaps a steam shower.
  • Lighting – if there’s space, create an extravagant image with a chandelier. If not, create drama with decorative wall sconces. Recessed lighting adds mood without shadows. The challenge is to provide soft, luxurious lighting with enough focus for applying makeup, etc. A trick to remember: use dimmer switches so you can adjust how bright the lights are according to your mood. With attention to detail you can go from perfect countertop lighting to the effect of candlelight.
  • Countertops and cabinetry – a bathroom countertop is a stylish complement to the overall design. Beyond complementary colors the goal is to remove clutter. A spa is a clean, organized space. Keep bathroom essentials handy, but provide neat storage space.

Bathrooms Designed Around A Walk-in Shower

Spa-like Bathroom | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

A walk-in shower is designed to fit the space you have so you don’t have to create space for it. It is easily the focal point of a bathroom renovation.

Walk-in showers are the No. 1 requested feature in bathroom renovations. They’re spacious, elegant and accessible. And, well-designed, they fit even in smaller bathrooms. The range of options for a walk-in shower for your spa-like bathroom includes everything from basic shower heads, rainfall shower heads, multiple shower heads and hand-held sprays to steam baths.

Beyond easy access, the benefits of a shower you simply walk into include;

  • Easy to clean – the worst part of shower cleaning is on and around shower doors and associated hardware. There’s no shower curtain to contend with. Air circulation helps to keep mildew and dirt from building up on tile and grout.
  • Sized to fit – the shower design fits your space you don’t have to create space to hold the shower. No room is too small and no shape to unusual.
  • Blends with décor – because the shower is open to the room you don’t cut the space into sections. Use the same tile everywhere if you like. An open shower keeps the mood harmonious and the design continuous. And, a “harmonious” room appear larger.
  • Accessibility – don’t underestimate the value of easy access. If you plan to stay in your home as you age, being able to walk in (or enter in a wheelchair) is a great advantage. No ledge to step over or doors to negotiate makes the shower safer, too. Would-be buyers take notice – a walk-in shower adds to resale value.

The only disadvantage many people cite is that open showers allow cold air in. To offset that possibility, consider an often overlooked accessory for your personal spa: under-floor heating. A new tile floor is a perfect conductor of the warmth of heat from below. Walking on a warm, welcoming floor early on a January morning sounds great, right?

There’s A Spa-like Bathroom To Fit You

Once you move beyond the basic elements, a master bathroom spa is all about personality. There’s a design style to fit whatever comes to mind. Spa-like creations don’t come “off the shelf.” They are customized to your vision and fit everywhere from a classic country farmhouse to an ultramodern urban residence or an “uptown” industrial renovation.

Once you decide you want to pamper yourself with spa treatments every day, there are decisions to make and plans to put on paper. You have plenty of resources for ideas in popular media. But, when you’ve done your research it can all be overwhelming. You find so many options and so many choices. You welcome guidance from a professional, right?

The experienced designers at DC Interiors understand your dilemma. They help clients make these decisions every day, walking them through all the possibilities. When you’re ready to remake your bathroom or want to discuss the potential, give us a call or email us. DC Interiors is ready to help you make dreams come true. Add our online portfolio to your research for inspiration. We’re proud of our work. We’re ready to join with you to create a spa-like bathroom to pamper your Madison WI family.

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