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A striking combination of complementary paint colors and stylish wallpaper brings this contemporary décor to life.

Stunning colors and bold prints make paint and wallpaper brilliant interior design elements. Highlighting any room, bold colors take center stage. Coordinating trim and décor in your Madison WI home requires skill and experience.

Consider these suggestions for coordinating your wallpaper and paint selections:

  • Match a neutral shade — most wallpaper designs feature a neutral background color. Usually a shade of white, beige or gray. Minimize the impact of wallpaper in a small room by matching your trim and contrasting walls to the neutral color. Get the impact of a bold pattern without letting it overpower the space.
  • Match a dark shade — for additional visual impact choose a darker shade to match. An excellent option when wallpaper features rich dark colors like chocolate brown or forest green. This options works well when wallpaper includes a large pattern or graphics. Pulling the darker colors for paint to go with your wallpaper provides a contemporary feel.
  • Match a bold shade — when you want to maximize the impact of wallpaper in your design elements go bold. It may be unconventional but it’s your room and your lifestyle. The key is matching the paint and the wallpaper’s color exactly. Even the slightest difference causes a visual problem.

Add Color To Your Interior Design

When your wallpaper choice doesn’t have a dominant color or shade, add one of your own. Consider these basic options:

  • Add a neutral color — achieve a cohesive effect by adding a neutral color. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. White works well with almost any wallpaper, especially for trim. Black trim and even a black wall have a place in creative designs.
  • Add more than one color — select more than one color from your wallpaper to coordinate in the room. Choose a specific hue from the wallpaper and introduce a new neutral. Your choices are unlimited from neutral to bold and any mix in between.
  • Bring in complementary colors — when wallpaper has bold graphics in just two or three colors adding a contrasting color is a good choice. Imagine black and white wallpaper opposite a red wall. It works. Consult an creative design professional and use a color wheel to find complementary colors.

Nontraditional Paint And Wallpaper Choices

Designs and materials for wall treatments have changed dramatically in recent years. While traditional patterns remain popular, there are nontraditional choices, including:

  • Metallic wallpaper — the finish on wallpaper makes it bold even when its colors or patterns are more subtle. Metallic wallpaper has a reflective sheen. Best to stay with neutral paint colors with metallic papers for an elegant result. Match the warmth of the paper with a similar tone – cool silver with a cool neutral paint color, etc.
  • Think monochromatic effects — some metallic papers have tone-on-tone designs that make good foundations for a chic monochromatic space. Something like a platinum metallic with white graphics works exceptionally well with white accents in the room. You imagination is the key.

 Create Something Special With A Professional

Wallpaper isn’t what it used to be and that’s a good thing. Don’t overlook the possibilities of adding a paint color and wallpaper combination to your home remodel to provide a stylish edge.

Call, email or visit our Madison showroom to see how your dream for a lifestyle-enhancing update is possible. Team with our perceptive interior design professionals and create a memorable blend of paint and wallpaper in your Madison WI home.

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