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Whether you’re contemplating updating a room or a full remodel, 3D home design opens a new playing field. Choosing an experienced design and renovation firm that has invested in this cutting-edge technology will add a whole new dimension – quite literally – to your experience.  

Benefits of 3D Home Design 

Clear Communication 

3D home design facilitates clearer communication between designer and client. Have you ever played the game where one person describes a simple drawing to someone else who then attempts to draw the picture being described? The results are often hilarious. That’s what trying to describe what you picture in your head to a designer can feel like. With 3D home design software, the designer can produce an image that is easily adjusted.  

Preview Your Perfect Design 

Every aspect can be evaluated, moved, replaced, and manipulated until the perfect design is achieved. This includes colors, finishes, styles of cabinets, fittings, furnishings, appliances, lighting, floor coverings and accessories. Pencil sketches and other types of renderings can only give a sense of what a space will look like. Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture, that given the measurements should fit in a room, but once in the room the proportions don’t work? 3D software provides images that allow you to experience the room, floor plan, or furniture layout in real time. Try colors and combinations before making purchases. Isn’t it nice to know you can eliminate the frustration of making choices that in the end aren’t what you envisioned at all? Having to repaint a room or make returns of anything purchased is not only costly, it’s a giant hassle! 

3D Home Design Avoids Delays 

Larger remodel or renovation projects, especially, benefit from the use of this technology. Removing walls is a substantial expense. Moving openings, such as doors and windows, is a significant undertaking. It would not be unusual to discover, through use of the images created by this software, that the initial vision doesn’t achieve the desired effect. Any contractor will tell you that change orders add time and money – lots of it – to a project. Get it right the first time!  

With this technology, you avoid all those issues, saving money and avoiding delays. Reach out to a firm using 3D home design to turn your dream into an exciting new vision. 

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