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It is a point of pride that our clients routinely tell us ‘I never would have thought of that’. Before working with DC Interiors & Renovations, most of our clients considered interior design a discussion of only colors or textures. Our design professionals take that narrow definition and push it to the next level – or two – or three.


Before we begin design, we consider how the entire interior, including walls, fixtures, mechanical systems, stair cases, etc. can contribute to your “new home”.


Our interior design ideas will literally move walls when needed to build the ergonomics and the style you require to be satisfied both now and in the future. We incorporate a holistic approach, one driven by your vision of what you would like, based on your preferred lifestyle and budget. Some people talk about thinking outside the box – we think outside the room. Walls, ceilings and other fixtures are all fair game if the situation requires it. Aging in place challenges are great examples where existing floorplans may not be adequate.  

Interior Design - The Foundation Of A Successful Renovation

Interior Design Ideas Fuel The Design Process

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Award-Winning Design


Reinvent your home

in style

Give your home a new look that combines beauty and style with functionality. Let our team turn your dreams into reality.


Interior Design Ideas Practically Applied

We begin the design process by looking at every idea, question or suggestion and apply that to how we can reinvent your home.


Creating a special comfort zone for you and your family to live in is our ultimate goal. At every step of the process we want to make sure all of your needs are being met.


Design Services Include:

  • Space Planning

  • 3D Renderings

  • Materials, Finishes & Fixtures Selection

  • Kitchen Design

  • Bathroom Design

  • Basement Design

  • New Construction Design Plans


DC Interiors & Renovations is committed to creating an ergonomically sound, lifestyle based comfortable space for your family. We invite you to use our robust planning and design discipline to reinvent your home, taking it to a new level with our interior design ideas.

Interior design practices make every renovation project more successful.


The planning done prior to the design-build stage of a project is where your needs, wishes and desires are defined. More importantly, our interior design specialists do two significant things at this stage.  

  • Relate your specs to a variety product options you choose

  • Introduce additional options you have not considered – adding value to the upcoming design