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Traditional Bathroom Design | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

Modern materials bring this classic bathroom into the 21st century without losing any of its age-old appeal.

Traditional bathroom design doesn’t necessarily mean you’re recreating a historic space. In fact, in the modern world it is a blend of proven traditional elements and contemporary styling. When looking to add luxury, elegance and a bit of romance to a Madison WI home’s bathroom, a traditional approach makes sense. Combining traditional with modern creates a distinctive personal space. Inspiration often comes from Victorian and colonial architecture – styles that abound in the Madison area. But traditional need not connect to any specific era. Define traditional by what it is not – it isn’t sleek or “glitzy.”

Overall, traditional interior design often reflects the following:

  • Detailed woodwork and molding
  • Graceful lines with sturdy furniture and cabinetry
  • Free-standing bathtubs and vanities
  • Highlights like framed wall decorations and fabric window treatments
  • Neutral colors with brighter color left to accents

If there is another thing today’s traditional bathroom renovation is not that would be predictable. Your personality shines in creating a traditional bathroom plan. Traditional design is said to represent order and symmetry. However, traditional does not mean boring. It is a realm where timeless elements like clawfoot bathtubs, marble countertops, crown molding and gold hardware share the spotlight.

Embrace Traditional Bathroom Design

Another way to think of a traditional approach is to call it “classic design.” It reflects simple, proven combinations of element like marble tile, creamy-white paint and decorative fixtures – think brass, gold or black for lighting. For faucets and shower heads look at the era-inspired iron, copper and rubber bronze finishes. Vintage-inspired ceramic or porcelain tiles and wood accents complete the scene.

While the neutral palette is “in” for walls, bold color is never “out.” There are many colors carrying a history in design and decorating. Royal Blue got its name for a reason. Bold, bright colors add depth and accent to small rooms. They can be reflected in accessories, paint and tile. The many unique tiles available today promote everything from a jewel-like surface to mirrors and metal.

The free-standing bathtub is replacing built-in versions. The age-old clawfoot tub has been reborn in many styles. Never really out of style, modern reproductions are in demand. Modern versions come in colors. If you’re making a statement with accents, does a black tub fit in?

Tile plays a huge role in modernizing a traditional look. It’s low maintenance and comes in a style to fit every taste. Texture in a traditional setting adds to the uniqueness of the design. Mosaic tile on the floor, hexagonal shaped tiles, penny tiles and hand-painted tiles are a few choices.

Classic Bathroom Elegance

Traditional Bathroom Design | Madison WI | DC Interiors & Renovations

Like walking into another era, this traditional bathroom makes the most of classic subway tiles, wood-look floor tile planks and fashionably “old” window treatments.

Sophistication and old-world elegance is obvious in basic traditional styling. Bathroom vanities made to look like classic furniture – a dresser with a sink, etc. – are great choices. Who can argue with good looks plus excellent storage? In addition, vanities that appear to be free-standing provide extra room for more accents.

A hundred year ago there would be a pitcher and bowl set atop that dresser making it a wash stand. Today there are exceptionally high-end bowl-like sinks doing the same thing coupled with high-tech faucets. You can bring back a bygone era with a hammered copper patina or a porcelain-like sink. When adding furnishings remember, there is beauty in contrast. Dark-stained wood offset with white accents for example. Little things like the hardware on cabinet doors and drawers made to look like vintage glass sets a mood.

Lighting is important. Wood-framed windows are classic representations of early homes and natural light is very important. Adding the touch of stained glass to a window brings back old-times.

In a new classic, traditional bathroom, large or small, simplicity is the key to success. A custom vanity topped with white marble, a wall-mounted “medicine cabinet,” a wood-framed mirror and subtle paint colors are the basics.

Include Convenience In Bathroom Remodel

You may want a traditional bathroom design but that does not mean you have to leave out modern technology. A hand-held shower head or overhead rain shower head and easy-to-maintain shower tiles give you modern touches. You’ll find them in finishes to complement your design goals, too.

Modern technology makes it easier than ever to recreate vintage appearances with the latest materials. Would you ever consider lining the walls of your walk-in shower with reclaimed barn boards? Of course not, they’d be destroyed in weeks. But you can get the same impact with plank-like wood-look tile. You can add wainscoting, pedestal sinks and retro fixtures to get the vintage image without sacrificing technology.

You’re creating a timeless, simple yet functional space with a stylish look. There’s no reason to leave out modern conveniences, is there?

Bathroom Tile Plays A Special Role

Tile in the bathroom was an afterthought in days gone by. It was assumed there would be tile. Usually, something like the style now called “subway” tile. Square or rectangular. There might be small square tiles on the floor, too. Today tile is an artistic accent as well as a functional basic in the bathroom.

White subway tiles remain popular and are easily enhanced by contrasting wall paint, countertops and windows. A growing trend is to include black-framed windows in traditional bathrooms. White has long been a popular choice but newer colors are creeping in – gray is hot as are darker shades of blue and green. Glass tiles and painted cement tiles also find a place in classic recreations.

Combining traditional tile patterns and colors adds a cheerfulness to the bathroom. Yellow has always been a classic “bathroom color.” Adding texture and matte finishes gives the old style a contemporary flare.

Put Your Mark On Traditional Bathroom Design

You can create a traditional bathroom design that is really “you.” There is no absolutely right or wrong when it comes to picking elements you like. Don’t be afraid to put your unique twist on things. It’s your bathroom, right? Then it should be what you want!

A traditional design reflects a timeless appeal and looks back to simpler times. Can you incorporate the KEEP IT SIMPLE concept in your bathroom plans? DC Interiors can. We understand what it takes to blend the demands of daily living with a dream interior design. When you are ready to upgrade or change, give us a call or email us.  DC Interiors is ready to create a plan for your bathroom, large or small. Looking for inspiration, view our portfolio on line. We’re proud of our work. Let’s plan to create a perfect traditional bathroom design for your Madison WI home.

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