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3000 Cahill Main, Suite 215, Fitchburg, WI

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Our team of experts consists of Interior Designers, Project Managers and licensed General Contractors and Subcontractors, who have worked together for more than 10 years. Together we bring decades of knoledge and experience to your project. We tackle and research details up front in an effort to eliminate surprises during construction and reduce the time that we will disrupt your home.


Step 1 – Initial Contact with You

Out first contact is usually by phone or email. We try to gather basic information about you and your project and inform you about our Custom Design and Remodeling Process. We then schedule an initial consultation in your home, and will email you our references and a wish list for you to fill out before our first meeting.


Step 2 - Home Based Project Assessment  

At our first on site meeting, we use the wish list to gather a better assessment of your needs, discuss your vision and expectations for your project and establish a realistic budget. When we agree to start working together, a non-refundable down payment for your project. The down payment is used to cover the drawings and selection time.


Step 3 - Design Process

During the Design Process we begin preparing for the remodeling work. We will visit your home to measure and take pictures of the space to be updated and then create conceptual drawings.


Step 4 – Drawings

We prepare the "As Is Plan" and 2-3 options for the new floor plan. When the floor plan is approved, we move on to the 3D renderings to help you visualize your new space.


Step 5- Selections

The next step is to begin the product selection process. During our first Selections Meeting, we will discuss the benefits of available products and answer any questions you have about their design, style, color,quality, and cost. The product selection process includes everything from choosing the ideal cabinets to finding the perfect matching faucet and paint colors.  We want to be certain you are pleased with your final product choices before we move on.


Step 6 – Bidding Process

After the design is finalized and all products are selected, we will do a walk-through with all of our subcontractors.  We determine if permits are necessary for your project and we may even poke a few holes in walls as needed to help minimize “unforeseen conditions” so that we can complete your project on time and on budget.


Step 7 – Proposal

After meeting with our subcontractors and collecting the bids in each area of the project we will prepare a Proposal. This proposal will state the Price and a list of the work we will perform during the remodeling portion of your project. This Proposal will be presented to you in written form.


Step 8 – Construction Contract

Once we have discussed your proposal and you have decided you are ready to move forward with your project, we will sign the Remodeling Contract, accept your down payment, review our “What to Expect” agreement and set a time for weekly progress meetings. Within a week we will provide you with a timeline for your project.


Step 9 - Remodeling Your Space

The remodeling process will follow the schedule on the timeline which is updated weekly. The timeline along with weekly progress meetings will help to keep you informed of the work that has been completed, next weeks work to be completed and the subs that will be arriving at the site each day.


Step 10 - Final Walk Through

As we draw near the end of your project, we will do a final walk-through to create and sign a Punch List of items to be completed. The date of Punch List will serve as the beginning of the one year warranty.


Other Services

Other services include placement of current and newly purchased furniture and accessories, hanging artwork, placing rugs etc. and will be done on an hourly basis.

Since 2001, DC Interiors & Renovations has been providing your friends and neighbors throughout the Madison area with top-notch design and quality contracting services. When you are ready to customize your home, we'll be happy to help you, too!

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